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What type of oscillator used in handwatches?


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a crystal 32.768kHz oscillator.


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There are many different types of oscillator circuits, the majority of which use positive feedback.

astable blocking oscillator

whatever works at the desired operating frequency

Wein Bridge oscillator application is a type of electronic oscillator. This electronic oscillator produces sine waves and long ranges of frequency.

A Wein Bridge Oscillator is a oscillator which is used for the measurement of Audio Frequency.

Crystal Oscillators are more stable oscillator. and used as Local Oscillator in Radio Receivers

The oscillator which is blocked by using transformer is called a blocking oscillator. Generally, the primary is given to the base and secondary is given to the collector of the transistor used in the oscillator circuit.

A quartz crystal oscillator with the crystal kept in a constant temperature oven.

why ujt used as amplifier

An amplifier becomes an oscillator when positive feedback is applied. It is the simple way to do it.

A generator is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. An oscillator is used to convert dc to ac

Phase-shift oscillator Armstrong oscillator Cross-coupled LC oscillator RC oscillator

any circuit which is used to generate an ac voltage without an ac input signal is called an oscillator.

oscillator is an electronic device used to generate wave form by using the concept of feed back.

Colpitt oscillator is better than hartley because colpitt produces less phase noise and uses capacitor instead of inductor as used in hartley oscillator which means that area is also saved.

RC phase shift oscillator is used to generate frequency in audio range and it is a fixed audio frequency oscillator where as wien bridge oscillator is a variable audio frequency oscillator for high frequency oscillations it is better to design wide band amplifier with LC network

An oscillator requires a phase shift filter and an amplifier. There are several different designs, based on the requirements, such as sinusoidal or pulse train output. Please restate the question and provide more information as to the type of oscillator required.

Oscillators are connected externally with the microcontroller to provide high frequency signal to the oscillator circuit in the microcontroller. The oscillator circuit provides the clock signal to the micro controller. Usually "PIEZO CRYSTAL OSCILLATORS" are used in micro controllers.

A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.

The sound source of the synthesizer is an oscillator. Common waveforms used by synthesizers are sine, square and sawtooth waves.

A: VIBRATOR IS A MECHANICAL OSCILLATOR oscillator is an electronic device

A local oscillator is used in a superheterodyne radio circuit for example.The incoming radio frequency is mixed with an internal local oscillator circuit to generate a new intermediate frequency (IF) .The local oscillator usually runs at a frequency of 470kHz and is generated by an inductor and capacitor(LC oscillator)

No. It's an oscillator.

what is sub carrier oscillator?

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