What type of paperwork or documentation do you need when visiting Canada if you are a US citizen?

Currently you must have photographic ID. If you do not have a passport, you should carry a certified copy of your birth certificate. Within the next few years, you will be required to have a passport.

== I grew up in Buffalo, NY and used to go to Canada a few times a year. We never needed anything more than a drivers license or another form of picture ID, and they rarley asked for that. The drill went: Border Patrol: Citizenship? Us: U.S Them: Reason for visiting Canada? Us: Beach/Casino/shopping (you get the point) Them: Are you bringing anything into Canada? Us: We have a cooler for the beach. (we never claimned purses or little bags) Them: Enjoy your stay. Coming back is a little tougher, US patrol might ask you to pop the trunk or ask for ID. And if you've been there for more then a day they will ask what you brought back with you, you'll have to pay a tax on it. Just be very nice, turn your radio down, do not give rude answers, and dont lie. If you bought something claim it, if you have luggage in the trunk say so! I know a guy who was asked "Where were you born?" at the border, he answered "In a hospital" They had his entire car taken apart ( I mean wheels off, engine out, doors off)less then two hours later, tossed him the keys and said "You're free to go!" Just because he was a jerk.