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What type of person gets pleasure out of watching another person in emotional pain?

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A sadist.

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What is it called when a person takes pleasure in watching women die by asphyxiation?


What is self pleasure?

Anything that gives you pleasure but does not need another person

What does it mean for a person to play emotional games?

It means that they are messed up and are using you for personal pleasure.

What is emotional need?

An emotional need is a desire to receive emotional satisfaction from another person. People who need love have an emotional need.

What is the fear of emotional closeness called?

This would probably be called fear of emotional intimacy with another person.

Scariest movie in the world?

Every movie has a different effect on each person watching it. One film could terrify one person - but have no emotional response by another. If you are to know which movie is scariest, then you must watch them and decide for yourself.

Why does your voice get lower after you make out with or kiss another person?

the shock and pleasure

What type of person finds satisfaction in knowing and watching another person in pain?


What is a voyuer?

A voyuer is: a person who gets sexual pleasure from secretly watching other people have sex; a person who likes seeing and talking or writing about something that is considered to be private.

Use contemptuous in a sentence?

Watching another person sloppily eat with their hands would make you contemptuous of their table manners.Watching another person sloppily eat with their hands would make you contemptuous of their table manners.

Where is the best spot to pleasure a awoman?

For most people, men or women, each person has a spot to pleasure that is a little different from another. For instance, a person may like to have their neck kissed and that is pleasurable, some it's their genitalia, penis or vagina/clitoris. Each unique person has their own pleasure zones.

How do you say I am emotional person in German?

I am an emotional person = Ich bin eine emotionale Person

What does Emotional Difference mean?

This is personality or personal difference. Someone may be happy and another person may be angry this is an emotional difference. This may lead to misinterpretation.

What is anger?

Anger is a strong emotional reaction to a wrong committed by another person accompanied by a desire to punish that person for the wrong committed.

What is Classical conditioning of a reflex response or emotion by watching the reaction of another person?

Vicarious conditioning

Classical conditioning of a reflex response or emotion by watching the reaction of another person?

Vicarious conditioning

Can a person love another even if they don't know that person?

Depends on your definition of love. If your definition of love is a emotional feeling you have for someone than yeah it's possible, but if your definition of love is a conscious commitment to stay with someone for the rest of your life whether you have emotional feelings for them every day all day then, I think you need to know them before you can love them. People are deeper then anyone can grasp by just watching from a distance.

What is it called when you put your fingers to your eyes 2 fingers then point them to another person?

It means "I have my eye on you" or "I am watching you"

What do you call an emotional person?

sensitive and real as a human being. and respected for being strong for being able to handle their emotion and of course their feelings. Also to call an emotional person simply emotional or any variation of the word by synonym or abbreviation isn't sufficient because that's the same as calling them emotional. I am answering this question from the view point to find an alternative to calling someone "emotional", as in something to call an emotional person that isn't an "emotional person". Exactly as in the question what do you call in an emotional person? instead for instance Two words to call an emotional person good influence .

What is the legal definition of a sadistic husband?

There is no legal definition for a sadistic husband.Sadism is extreme cruelty and it can take on many forms: physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and more. A sadist or sadistic person is someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others. A sadist derives pleasure from another person's pain. Sadists like seeing other people hurt.

What is emotional person?

A emotional person is harmful for his own existence. Expectation makes s person emotional if he does not achieve his own expectation. Flexible minded people are always be successful in life instead of emotional or aggressive people. people those who have no control over his body and mind are called to be emotional person. Emotion projects the negative reaction of a person.

Do all emotional affairs have to become sexual?

Not really. Emotional affairs are a situation where one person out of a romantic couple seeks emotional support from a person who is not their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. For it to count as an emotional affair, the person supplying the emotional support would have to be someone who would be eligible as a companion had the person seeking emotional support not been romantically involved already. Sex does not really supply emotional support, so it does not fit into a specifically emotional affair.

Another word that means the same as guilt?

Another word for guilt is shame. It is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes or realizes he is wrong.

Do dogs mourn the death of another dog?

It is said that they do. Dogs are alot like us, they also create emotional ties to another person/dog.

Who hurts more the one who inflicted the emotional pain or the person who was hurt?

normally the emotional pain person