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A super Earth planet is an extasolar planet. This means the mass is more than the Earths but less than the smaller planets. Another term for it is gas dwarf.

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Earth is a large terrestrial planet commonly known as a rocky planet.

The Earth is considered a rocky planet.

There is no single planet called "Super Earth." Rather it is is a new class of planet; similar to Earth in structure and composition, but larger. A number of super Earth planets have been discovered orbiting other stars. Note that such planets to not necessarily have surface conditions like those on Earth, but simply have rocky surfaces.

Earth is a rocky planet because the gas giants are in the outer planets and earth is in the inner planet.

please type in the planet name. Earth (if it is) was known by our ancestors. The first modern human beings on the earth.

it is one of the inner planets and it is a terretrial planet, meaning it has life.

Super Earth is not a specific name for one other planet. It is a general category of planets that are bigger then the Earth but not big enough to fit into the category of Gas giant. The average size of a "super Earth" is between 1 and 10 earth masses.

The fictional character Superman was born on planet Krypton and was sent to Earth as a baby just before the planet was destroyed.

Earth and Mars are both solid rock planets.

Fight crime, save people, and protect planet Earth.

Jupiter is a planet where it's not like earth, you can't come live on the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is a gas planet!

Pluto is a dwarf planet, so it is technically, it is not a planet like earth or mars.

Our planet Earth belongs to Milky Way galaxy , witch is a spiral type galaxy .

What life would be like on a newly discovered super earth planet depends wholly on what a person wants it to be like. Everyone has a different picture of what this type of life would be like. I imagine it would be full.

NO ,because it is to far from Earth .Is like you want to go to super Eart you have to travel 200 year on a rocket.NOT that you have to past the sun too!!

When using the word earth to mean soil, then it is a common noun. When using the word Earth to refer to the planet upon which we live, then it is a proper noun.Earth (the planet) is capitalized, earth (the soil) is not.

There is not fifth planet on Earth, since Earth is a planet...

It depends on what type of air

In the Solar System scientist found a new planet right now they have nicknamed it to Super Earth. They found water, plants, and another sun. They have a filling that there is life on that planet.

we did not get to planet earth but we originated on planet earth due to chemical reactions

It is the only known planet in the universe where such a varied type of species are found. The climate on the planet earth is suitable for the life forms on Earth, hence why living organisms can reproduce. The forests and mountains are the peculiarity of Earth. The availability of oxygen on Earth is also an important feature.

The earth is the only planet on earth.

The planet after the Earth is Mars.

the planet after earth is mars