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Q: What type of plankton does the whale shark eat?
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Does a whale shark feed on a white shark?

No. Whale sharks only eat plankton

What animals eat algae or plankton?

A whale shark.

Would a whale shark eat a shark?

No. At least, not on purpose. The whale shark feeds on plankton, as do baleen whales.

Does all of the sharks eat plankton?

NO, only whale and baskins shark's

What is biggest water animal?

it is a whale shark a whale shark has spots on its back and can only eat plankton . it has 1,000 teeth and is not a whale it is a shark but it looks like a whale so it is called a whale shark.

How does a whale shark eat?

A whale shark is a filter feeder; it sifts plankton and small shrimps from the water it swims through.

Can a whale shark kill a beluga?

no, the whale sharks can only filter water and eat plankton

Is a whale shark a herbivore or carnivore or omnivore?

Whale Sharks are herbivores, they primarily eat plankton.

Which would win a whale shark or a megamouth shark?

Neither they both eat plankton and do not fight

Can a humpback whale eat a whale shark?

No, humpback whales only eat plankton and occasionally small fish. They have baleen instead of teeth so they wouldn't be able to bite at the whale shark. Whale sharks also eat plankton and sometimes small fish.

What type of fish do whale sharks eat?

Whale sharks rarely eat fish. They most often eat like whales (small stuff like plankton), hence the name "whale shark".

Do whale shark eat large fish or small fish?

The Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) feeds on plankton and small animals.

How much plankton does a whale shark eat per day?

5 billion

What do whale sharks and basking sharks eat?

The Whale and Basking Shark feed themselves on plankton and krill.

Does every type of shark eat humans?

No, there are some sharks that only eat plankton (the whale shark). There are also smaller sharks which would not attack something as large as a person.

What does a shark whale eat?

Shark Whale consumes small crustacean plankton, small fish (sardines, anchovies) and larger fish (mackerel).

Who eats tigershark?

Bigger sharks like whale shark and great white shark. that is not true whale sharks only eat plankton

What is more dangerous the great white shark or the whale shark?

The Great White Shark. Is this a joke? Whale sharks are fricken harmless goddammit! Great whites eat meat while whale sharks eat plankton

What is the worlds bigest shark?

The worlds bigest shark is the whale shark.The whale shark can reach up to 52 feet long.They eat small fish and plankton.

Can a whale shark eat a thresher shark?

A whale shark is a relatively "friendly" shark. It eats plankton and other small organisms. While the thresher shark can easily fit inside the whale sharks mouth, the whale shark has no desire to consume it. So no, it can't eat a thresher shark. It is not fast enough. -MNM

What type whales eat plankton?

Baleen Whales eat plankton as they filter it though their baleen. An example of a baleen whale is the HUGE Blue Whale. Toothed Whales don't eat plankton.

Do sharks eat plankton?

Filter feeding Sharks, like the Basking Shark and the whale Shark eats plankton on purpose. Other Sharks might get some by accident.

What does whale shark eat?

wath does whale shark eat

Does shark whales eat seal?

There's no such animal as a shark whale. However there is a creature called a whale shark, which is a filter feeder. It lives on small stuff like krill and plankton and wouldn't be able to eat anything as big as a seal.

What do Whale sharks Basking sharks and Mega Sharks eat?

They eat sub species like plankton, And it is called a megamouth shark.