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My answer would have to be a cactus. Probably a saguro.

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What kind of a plant is earth?

Earth is not a "plant", it is a "planet" - a rocky planet.

Is the earth a plant?

The Earth is a planet, but not a plant. But it has plants on it. In the earth.

How are sunlight and plant reproduction linked?

Sunlight gives energy to plants. Every living thing on Earth needs energy to reproduce. So there's your answer.

How can sunlight help plants grow?

A plant needs sunlight to grow!

Does the plant with water and sunlight grows faster than a plant without water and sunlight?

Yes, a plant needs water and sunlight to photosynthesise and therefore grow

Why do duckweed lights want to get a lot of sunlight?

Because this plant needs a lot of sunlight than dark. when the plant needs to much of the light it is called tropicalnic satulanic plant

How do the needs of a seed differ from the needs of a plant?

A seed needs the right temperature and moisture. A plant needs moisture, the right temperature, and sunlight.

What are the needs of plant for growth?


How does a plant get four things it needs for photosynthesis?


What is an organism that changes sunlight and carbon dioxide into the sugars it needs to make energy?

A plant.But the sugars contain the (sunlight) energy the plant needs, they are not used to make energy.

What are plants that need sunlight?

every plant that has chlorophyll and is an autotroph needs sunlight for photosynthesis

What nutrients does a plant need?

The plant needs water, sunlight, and dirt or soil.

How is a shade plant different from a sun plant?

because a sun plant needs more sunlight

Can a pitcher plant survive without sunlight?

No. It has green leaves and therefore needs sunlight for photosynthesis.

What is a sentence with the word earth?

Planet Earth needs to be spelt with a capital E because it is a place.Planet Earth is the home of the human race.When referring to earth as in soil, the E is not capitalised because it is a thing.I need more fresh earth to plant these flowers in.

Basic needs of plant?

water sunlight and soil and nutrients.

What supplies the energy a plant needs to make sugar?


What are the needs for a plant to survive?

sunlight,water,soil,and air

What gives a plant a energy it needs to make food?


How does sunllight affect plant growth?

Sunlight kickstarts photosynthesis, which is the plants way of making food. One needs food to survive, so in other words, no sunlight, no food, no life, no plant. A plant definatly needs sunlight to survive, so the less sunlight one plant has, the less healthy it will be until finally it dies off.

What does a plant need for photosynthesis to occur?

One of the things that a plant needs for photosynthesis to occur is sunlight. It also needs CO2, and H2O.

Can a plant make photosynthesis without sunlight?

No. I am sure that a plant needs the energy from the sun for photosynthesis.

What are two materials that a plant needs to carry on photosynthesis?

cholorophyll and sunlight

What are the needs of a plant?

the plants need water, warmth, sunlight, and minerals.

What does the Labrador Tea Plant need to survive?

it needs water, and sunlight