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The hitch on my 2002 comes with a 4 pin flat plug. But it really depends on the trailer plug. There are adapters for the 5 pin round plugs but you need a brake controller if your trailer has brakes.

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Q: What type of plug do you need for a trailer hitch on a Mercury Mountaineer?
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You have the trailer hitch on the truck what else do you need?

a trailer

Do you need a trailer hitch to tow?


Fuse box diagram for 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

looking for a diagram for 1999 Mercury Mountaineer. Need to take the fuse out for the seatbelt alarm, it will not shut off.

Can you adapt a square trailer hitch receiver to your cylindrical trailer hitch receiver on your 2002 Volvo XC 70?

No, this hitch is no longer being used in North America and would need to be replaced with a square receiver in order to use bike racks and the like.

What truck equipment do I need to pull a horse trailer?

You'll need a truck that's heavy enough to pull the trailer, equipped with a trailer ball hitch to attach the trailer. You also need to make sure the horse trailer has operating turn signal and brake lights.

Can a 2.0 golf tow a trailer?

Yes, but you need to have the correct trailer hitch and wiring installed. Talk to your local VW Dealer and they can help you with this.

Do you need the cooling package for a Honda trailer hitch if only using it for a bike rack?


What type of Freon do you need for your 2000 Mercury Mountaineer air conditioning?


Where is the 2002 mercury mountaineer transmission dip stick located?

There is no transmission dip stick for a 2002 mercury mountaineer, fluid will need to be checked from under the vehicle. There is a fill plug on the transmission, remove the plug and fluid level should be up to the level of the plug hole. This is the only year mercury did this in the mountaineer.

Where can one purchase fifth wheel trailer hitch parts?

A good place to shop for 5th wheel trailer hitch parts is eTrailer. They offer high quality hitches for every application and all the replacement parts and accessories that you need.

How to make small trailer for lawn mower?

To make small trailer for a lawn mower, you need to get a axle kit with tires, attach a frame for your trailer, add the tongue and hitch, then finish the frame.

Do I need a modulator for a trailer hitch on your 1993 Subaru Legacy in wagon in order for the trailer lights to work?

Yes. You need a converter to combine the turn signals with the brake lights.

How do you fix air when it won't get hot 97 Mercury Mountaineer?

you need to change your thermostat

When does the timing chain need to be replaced on a 2003 mercury mountaineer?

only when it begins to fail.

Name of store in Elmont that sells USDA prime beef?

If you are looking to rent a trailer, the rental place can help you find the right hitch, Uhaul has a form that will tell you what hitch you need for your vehicle If you are buying a trailer, the dealer should be able to match your vehicle to the right hitch.

Can a trailer hitch be attached to a 98 Subaru Outback?

Yes, Reese Hitch lists a CLASS 2 hitch Part # 06020. The fram has to be drilled and there may need to be some modification to the muffler/tail pipe heat shield.

How do you remove the original radio in a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer?

For the 2001 Mercury Mountaineer, you will need a flat tool to remove the stereo cover. You must remove and disconnect the various connectors before removing the radio itself.

Car Trailer?

form_title=Car Trailer form_header=Ready to move? Rent a car trailer from a qualified professional to move with ease! Do you have a trailer hitch on your vehicle? = () Yes () No () Not Sure Where will you be moving to?=_ When do you need the car trailer?=_ What size trailer do you need?=_

Which fuse controls the power windows on a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

I don't know need to find out

What size hardware is required to install an after sales market trailer hitch on a 2003 liberty?

If your jeep does not have a factory trailer hitch installed then you would look one up online, in a catalog, or go to a hitch dealer, and find one make for your jeep. If you have the factory hitch receiver then you are most likely looking for what is called a ball mount. My 2003 liberty with factory hitch receiver requires a 2 inch ball mount. That's the outside size of the square tubing. You will also need the 'ball' itself. The size required is determined by the 'hitch' on the trailer or device being towed. 1-7/8 and 2 inch balls are common sizes. You may also need a T-One adaptor to hook up the trailer lighting. Anyone competent at Napa, AutoZone, CarQuest, etc. should be able to help you out if you need a personalized touch.

Can I attach the Great Plains garden cart to my lawn tractor?

Yes, you need a tractor trailer hitch attachment if you do not already have one.

What type of Freon do you need for your 1998 Mercury Mountaineer air conditioning?


Are trailer hitch covers really necessary?

If depends on what you plan on hauling with the trailer. If its big items like furniture that you plan on taking off right after you transport it then no. If you plan on hauling dirt or small things that can fall off of the trailer then yes you will need one.

What type of vehicle can pull a 25' travel trailer?

Need to know the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and the Tongue weight (TW). Gross trailer weight (GTW) is the weight of the trailer fully loaded in its actual towing condition. Tongue weight (TW) is the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. The trailer must be fully loaded and level.

What is the towing capacity of a 2002 Mercury Villager?

For towing trailers up to 2,000 lb, use a class 2 hitch which is bolted to the frame. For towing trailers up to 3,500 lb, use a frame-mounted weight distributing hitch which transfers a portion of the weight to the front axle. Depending on the weight of the trailer, you may want to consider adding a transmission cooler and possibly a heavy duty battery. You will also need a trailer tow module and jumper harness for the lights or brakes if equiped.