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the peom le loupgarou is a supernatural poem. it is a poem based on a tale about a man by old christian witches

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Q: What type of poem is Le loupgarou?
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What is the mood of the poem loupgarou?

the mood of the poem le loupgarou

What type of poem is le loupgarou lymerick ballad etc?


What are the themes shared in Le loupgarou?

what are the shared themes used the the poem Le loupgarou by Derek Walcott

What is the mood of the poem le loupgarou?

what is the mood in the poem le loup garou

What is the meaning of title of poem le loupgarou?

The werewolf

When was the poem le loupgarou published?

April 29 1979

In the story Le Loupgarou by Derek Walcott how does the Le Loupgarou (the supernatural character) affect the people around?

"Le Loupgarou" is a poem by Walcott. The old women gossip about Le Loupgarou, and in doing so, they elect to ostracize him because of his greed. Note that the word lycanthrope is a synonym for werewolf and loupgarou. Loupgarou preyed on the people in town "selling his sick fruit" - perhaps drugs.

What were the themes in the poem Le Loupgarou?

reality, illusion, evil, good

What are the effectiveness of the figurative devices use le loupgarou?

what is the effictiveness of the figurative device use le loupgarou

Summarizing the poem 'Le loupgarou' by Derek Walcott?

it is about a man named le brun who was ostricised by his community ,he was once a man who was rich but it is said that his greed was what brought him down (he sold his soul to the devil). it is said that at nights he turned himself into a werewolf [le loupgarou] or a lycanthrope to create mischive. the poem is fiction that is why the title is written in quotation marks to say that it is a false story or its not true or its just a story told by the old women sewing under their eaves. le loupgarou means a werewolf.

What are the literary devices in le loupgarou?

sweat with precision ! (y)

Literery devices used in le loupgarou and what they mean?

The five literary devices in the poem Le Loupgarou are Oxymoron :christian witches.this is to say that there women who were so called christian that gossip about Le Brun changing into a werewolf. Alliteration A Curious Tale that threaded the town Symbolism through greying women sewing under eaves which means that grey represent old. it also have personification and Imagery .

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