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What type of portable stereo or boombox will play split track CD's?

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Unfortunately most portable CD players will not do you any good with a split track CD. i have one that has a balance control on it - that is the key, since the vocals are on one side and the instrumental is on the other. BUT...i have been unable to find another portable CD player with a balance control. the one i have is an Optimus CD 3321 made for Radio shack in the mid 90's - no longer made. Another one that i found that has a balance control is a Koss, but again, it is unavailable from anywhere online and i am waiting to see if i can get one from amazon. split track CD's will work in your car - to isolate either the vocals or the instrumental, simply turn your balance control all the way to the left or to the right.

Califone makes a boombox that has a balance control. They are not cheap, but our church has a couple of them that we use for kids choir where the use of split-track CD's is prevalant. The 2455AV-02 does have a balance control. Other models may as well, but I haven't researched.

An alternative solution: rip the CD to MP3 format (if the tracks are not saved in MP3 format already) using Windows Media Player. Then right-click on the file name (of the ripped MP3) and select Find in Library. Now download Audacity from Import the MP3. It will import as a stereo file. Slide the balance control in Audacity all the way to the left (to isolate the left channel). Then export the file as an MP3. Slide the balance control in Audacity all the way to the right. Then export the file as an MP3. You'll need to download the lame dll to do this. Of course, you may only need one channel isolated. Go back to Windows Media Player and burn the separate files to a writable CD.

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