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First can detect pregnancy 6 days before ur period

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2012-08-21 21:09:37
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Q: What type of pregnancy test is the best to take?
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What type of material comes out of mt stromboli?

The best pregnancy test you can get is from your dooctr, you can pee in a cup or they will take blood. Every pregnancy test you buy in the store has a chance of being wrong.

How long do you wait after you take the pregnancy test for result?

It depends on the type of test. Some tests take only a few seconds; others take weeks or months.

What type of pregnancy test is serum pregnancy test?

A serum pregnancy test is a blood test performed in a physician's office or laboratory to get quantitative hCG. A "triple screen" is a blood test for hCG, AFP, and uE3. The other type of pregnancy test is an over-the-counter test which examines urine for the presence of hCG.

Does it matter what time you take a pregnancy test even if its the first time you pee?

When it comes to taking a pregnancy test, the best time to take the test is first thing as soon as you wake up in the morning, it will give you a sure accurate result so you don't have to worry if the test is wrong or not. Do not drink anything at all before you take your pregnancy test, don't even take any medication with a mouth full of water. Just go right from the bedroom to the bathroom with your test and hope for the best. If any type of liquid is taken in before the test is taken your more likely to get a negative test even though your pregnant. So skip the liquids. After the test you could drink all you want, and hopefully you'll be drinking for two.

Are stomach pains a symptom of pregnancy?

Some women have mild PMS type cramps throughout their pregnancy, take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure.

Why are your breast leaking but the pregnancy test is negative and you have only had one period since the beginning of September?

take a different type of test! it sounds like you are pregnant to me

You have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman you just still have a period and feel sensations in your belly if you should take a pregnancy test while on birth control will the results be accurate?

A pregnancy test on birth control will be accurate and probably negative. Birth control gives you pregnancy-type symptoms but if you have not taken your pills correctly or have been taking abtibiotics which may reduce their effectiveness take a pregnancy test.

When will you test positive on a pregnancy test?

Most of blod and urine pregnancy tests measure the level of hormone called hCG, which is created after the egg is fertilized. Different pregnancy test may have different sensitivity, so it will depend on particular test type when it will test positive. However usually a pregnancy test will test positive after first few days of pregnancy.

What does it mean when you have pregnancy symptoms and he pregnancy test is negative?

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

What is gravindex-pregnex test?

Gravindex is a type of pregnancy test, which uses urine to detect HCG. Urine pregnancy tests are now around 97% precise.

Is it possible for at home pregnancy test to be wrong if your still experiencing pregnancy symptoms?

It is definitely possible for an at home pregnancy test to be wrong. It can depend on the type of test or you could have taken it too early. Wait a little longer and go to the doctor.

What type of vessel is used to collect urine for pregnancy home test?


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