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What type of profit margins do liquor stores work with?

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around 25 to 35 profit margin.

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What type of profit margins do medical stores work with?

scheme margin, discount margin

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What is the difference between liquor and whiskey?

Whiskey is a type of liquor.

What is the difference between vodka and liquor?

Vodka is a spirit, which is a type of liquor, but all liquor isn't vodka.

Is brandy the same as liquor.?

Brandy is a type of liquor distilled from grapes.

What is the weight of a full bottle of liquor?

it depends on the type of liquor and the size of the bottle.

What is a typical markup on spirits at a liquor store?

What type of markup does a liquor store make on it’s good that it sells, liquor

What type of liquor rhymes with skis?

It would have to be the plural of the type of liquor, not a distiller's marketing name: brandies, sherries or whiskeys

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How much does a liquor license cost in Butler County Ohio?

There is a $100 processing fee and a liquor class fee to obtain a liquor license in Butler County, Ohio. The liquor class fee ranges from $252 to $2,344 depending on what type of establishment and type of liquor is being served.

Is vodka a type of liquor?


What is the driiference between rum and liquor?

Liquor is anything with alcohol in it. Rum is a type of liquor, differentiated by being distilled and made from sugar cane.

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How many calories are in liquor?

That depends on the brand/type/ingredients of the liquor. You can contact the manufacture for this information.

What type of liquor may be removed by the customer from premises that hold a Class A liquor licence?

You will be able to get beer, wine, or liquor from these kinds of businesses. You will not be able to consume this liquor on the premises though.

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Are spirits and liquor the same thing?

Liquor really refers to all the different types of alcoholic beverages. Spirits is only one type of liquor.

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What Type of alcohol liquor is made from?


Is Smirnoff a liquor?

Yes, it is a type of vodka.

What type of liquor is Chivas Regal?


Type of economy with private ownership control and profit?

Capitalism. type of profit control?

What is a liquor-primary licensed establishment?

Which type of establishment is NOT considered a liquor-primary licensed establishment?

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