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i have just got a visa for USA. i am from India. there are so many things that we have to prepare for getting a visa as well for marrying a citizen. first i think that i don't need a consult for this preparation and i thought that i will figerout by my own but i was proved wrong. i rejected 2 times. then finally i consult to a consultancy. name of that consultancy is Vision Career Consultancy. Ren Parikh is a director of that company. well i have their US number. you can call them on seven three two-two eight three-two triple six. they nice guys and help you a lot. there is no charge if you ask them on phone. i think you have to use that facility and give them a call for your safety side.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-24 21:18:41
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Q: What type of questions do USA immigration officials ask a person who marries a citizen?
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If a UK citizen marries a green card holder can she go and live in the US straight after getting married?

Yes. Easily. Especially being a UK citizen, it does not require the UK citizen to go to the US if needed for the immigration process.

How does an American citizen who marries a Chinese women in china bring her to America?

The US Immigration Service handles those matters. They will tell you who, what, and why procedures and papers (documents) will be needed.

Does an American citizen who marries a Canadian citizen gain benefits of a Canadian citizen?

== == In Short: no.

If non-citizen living in USA marries USA citizen is he then USA citizen?


Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


If an American male citizen marries a Swedish female citizen does he become a Swedish citizen?

Not automatically.

Can an illegal brought to the US as a minor and who marries a US citizen at age 22 obtain a green card?

No. You have to have made a lawful entry. Seek the advice of an immigration attorney immediately.

If a non-US citizen marries a US citizen while in a foreign country can the non-US citizen work and live in the US?

The non-US citizen spouse must obtain a visa before entry and is subject to immigration requirements. (Marriage doesn't convey citizenship, but helps).

If a male US citizen marries a Mexican female citizen in Mexico is their marriage legal in the US?

Yes, the US recognizes legal marriages performed in other countries. This does not mean that the Mexican citizen can enter the US without using the procedure required by US immigration laws.

If a us citizen marries a non us citizien do they become a citizen?

No, they do not become a citizen by virtue of marriage.

If a female US citizen marries a non US citizen in the state of Michigan are they legally married?

Marriage is a wonderful event. Yes, if a female US citizen legally marries a non US citizen in the state of Michigan, they are indeed legally married.

If An Illegal immigrant marries a citizen can he apply for residency?

Yes you can but you need to do it soon, you will need to answer lots of questions for how and why you entered the country illegally but they should let you in the country

If a person from Mexico marries a us citizen do they automaticlly become a us citizen?

No, but it makes it easier

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

If an American marries someone from Ghana?

They will become an American citizen

If a Mexican Citizen marries a Canadian Citizen in Canada does the Mexican Citizen automatically have Canadian Citizenship?

no, he needs to get a 3 year stay

Can a Canadian citizen live in the US if he or she marries a US citizen?

Yes. When a non-citizen marries a U.S. citizen, s/he can then apply for US permanent residency. It is important to note that you cannot marry someone solely to obtain a green card as that is considered fraud (though, for the most part, it is the government's burden to show fraud, not your burden to show it isn't). A Canadian citizen married to a US citizen should have a simple time getting the required permanent residency visa, though you still must fill out the proper immigration forms and follow the rules to the letter, as NOTHING is automatic.

How long it take to get a green card when non-citizen marries a us citizen?

six month

If a non citizen goes to the us and marries a citizen how does the citizen file the papers for the non citizen to become a citizen?

look in a social studies book 4 cryin out loud

If a permanent resident alien marries an American citizen does that resident become a citizen?

my friend...i answered this question goes.....are you trying to say that the resident alien becomes a u.s. citizen? if your answer to the question is yes then all that you have to do is go to your local or nearest immigration office and APPLY for citizenship. you need to pay, $600 i believe. after some time, after submitting your application, immigration will contact you, ask you a few questions in English about the united states, such as who was the first president, how many stars on the flag, who is your senator and a lot of mickey mouse questions. but not to worry, shortly after you apply and pay, you will be sent sample questions, so no big deal. when you take the oral exam, which takes about five minutes, the immigration official administering the exam will tell you that you passed. that you are now a u.s. citizen, but you will receive another letter after that telling you where to go and at what time where you will take the Oath of Allegiance. that is all, but remember, citizenship is not automatic, YOU NEED TO APPLY AND THEN WAIT FOR IMMIGRATION TO CONTACT YOU AND JUST DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU, and what they will tell you is what i just got thru outlining. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

If an EU citizen marries a US citizen can the US citzen live and work in France without a visa?


If a US citizen marries a Mexican citizen in Mexico can they both return to the US?

sure you can return back to the US

If a illegal alien marries a us citizen is it a legal marriage in the US?


What happens if a person with a green card marries a European citizen?


If a US citizen marries a non US citizen for money to establish residency what kind of penalties are waiting for the US citizen if caught?

Jail for the citizen, deportation for the illegal alien.