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I do not have an answer, but I have the same thing. Last night I noticed about 10 miniscule (Sp?) - Tiny, red bumps that did not itch at all. About the diameter of a needle head, on my upper left breast. This morning they are all scabbed over, like someone gently stebbed my skin with the end of a exacto knife... lol.. What the heck ???

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โˆ™ 2008-04-04 22:20:07
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Q: What type of rash has raised red bumps that scab after a few days but do not itch?
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What is a rash of raised bumps on your chest back shoulders legs and arms that have pusey heads with a slight itch?

poison ivy

What causes a constant itch with no rash or bumps?

Dry skin

I have a rash on my stomach can it be a sign of pregnancy?

See a doctor for the rash and a get a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. Only you would know this. Do you still have a period. Have you taken a preg. test??? What kind of rash, raised bumps that are skin color, bumps that have blisters, odd shaped bumps, do they itch. Go to a doctor so they can help you, over the computer is not the best way to deal with your health.

What are small bumps on stomach but don't itch not red don't hurt?

Just a rash

What are circular raised rash that itch?

ring worm-use triple antiiotic on it

What is a brown splotchy rash on your chest and back that does not itch?


What is a rash with tiny red dots that itch?

I have tiny red bumps that itch on my for arm thigh and leg with no puss or discharge and when scratched they raise and become swollen

What kind of skin rash do you have if you have red small bumps that do not itch and appear to have a scaly or rough top?

It might be keratosis pilaris.

Can you get a rash if your allergic to grass?

Yes. Or you can get Hives, which is like a rash but instead it is red bumps. They itch a lot and can be anywhere on your body. They usually are anywhere the grass touched you, depending on how allergic you are.

What can cause a red bumpy rash on your pubic area?

Possibilities include razor bumps (if shaved), jock itch (same or similar to athlete's foot fungus), heat rash.

What are the symptoms of jock itch?

Tinea cruris or Jock itch as it is most commonly known as is a type of ringworm. Some of the most common signs are rash or redding of the skin on or near the groin area. Small bumps normally appear around the rash as well.

What causes red bumps on your testicles and a rash that causes a itch alover your skin?

OMG U SHULD SEE A DOKTOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

What type of rash do you have if you have red small bumps that itch?

Its possible that you have: poison ivy, poison oak, bed bug bites, or chicken pocks.

Does typhus rash itch?

Yes, the typhus rash may itch, especially if it is murine typhus.

Why do my arms and legs itch?

if your arms and legs itch, you might have mosquito bites or a rash. check for large red bumps or masses or small red bumps. If you have a dog or a cat, you might have ticks. Also, you might have an allergy you are not aware of. If you dont see any red bumps or you dont have a pet, you should see the doctor.

What is a rash of little raised itchy bumps that are on wrists arms knees back of knees?

excezma (cant spell it)

What are scarlet fever symptoms?

You get a rash like a sun burn with tiny bumps and may itch.The rash usually appears on the neck.Often leaves a clear spot around mouth.Areas of rash usually turn white when you press on them.You get a sore throat with a fever higher then 101*The sore throat will pass in about 3-5 days.Rash will pass about 6 days.Maybe a Doctor could give better description.=)

What is a rash on the stomach that does not itch?

== ==

If you have red bumps on your head and they itch what is this?

Sounds like a rash of some sort. try changing to medicated shampoo and see how it goes. otherwise see your doctor.

What are red bumps on baby's?

Red bumps on a baby's bottom could be a diaper rash or even a heat rash.

Does lupus rash itch?

Yes they do hurt and you might want to itch it

What is a flat rash that has no bumps on it and that doesnt itch or smell mean?

It means that you are scratching yourself way too hard. Try Olay Quench Body Lotion to help with this.

What is a red bumpy rash on face chest stomach and buttocks does not itch but scabs after a few days?

My 8 year old son has a rash on his bum and chest its not itchy

Wout are the symptoms of monkey pox?

swelling of lymph nodes fever rash (i.e raised bumps) feeling of discomfort exhaustion diarrhea

What does the sting sight of a saddleback caterpillar look like?

Like hives - raised rash like bumps surrounded by inflamed, red skin.