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All vehicles now need to use 134A. If your Grand Am was not originally equipped to use 134A or has not been converted to use 134A, you'll need to do that now. Freon 12 is effectively, no longer available. * Most vehicles which came with R12 originally can be converted to R134 freon simply by changing a couple fittings and adding the R134 refrigerant. Something to keep in mind, though, is that if your R12 leaked out you will need to fix the leak or whatever you put in will soon disappear!

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Q: What type of refrigerant do you use to recharge the air conditioner on a 1993 grand am?
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How do you recharge the air conditioner on a 1993 Lexus ES300?

can some tell me where the port is the 1993 lexus so I can recharge air conditioner

How much does it cost to recharge air conditioner on 1993 ford van?

If no parts are needed probably around

What type refrigerant does your 1993 Grand Prix LE use?


Why does warm air blow out of 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 air conditioner when the compressor is working and refrigerant pressure reads properly at 25-45 psi?

that is too low of pressure.

How do you recharge the air conditioner on a 1993 Subaru Impreza?

Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

What is refrigerant quantity for 1993 to 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2?

1.75 lbs/28 oz

What does it take to recharge an air conditioning system on a 1993 acura legend?

A 1993 Acura Legend requires 24 ounces of R134a refrigerant to refill the air conditioning system. This is applicable to all engine types for the 1993 Acura Legend.

How do you recharge the air conditioner in a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

Connect the Freon bottle to the low pressure port on your air conditioning compressor. Release the Freon into the compressor. The purchase of a Freon recharge kit will make the process quite simple.

How to recharge air conditioner on 1993 Dodge spirit with V-6 engine?

Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructins

Will a 1993 Grand Marquis run without the air conditioner compressor?

Yes. Disconnect the belt & it will run fine.

What AC refrigerant is required in 1993 Grand Caravan 3.3L engine?

Should be R134If it hasn't been converted from R-12 it will have to be

What type of refrigerant is used when refilling the AC system on a 1993 Geo Prizm r12 or 134?

r12 is the original refrigerant on a 1993 model year Prizm r12 is the original refrigerant on a 1993 model year Prizm

Do cars let off CFC gas?

In general, no. Cars used to use CFCs as the refrigerant fluid in the air conditioner. Some of it would be released if the air conditioner had a leak. In the US, cars manufactured after 1993 have air conditioners which do not use CFCs.

Refrigerant 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?

The correct type is 134A and should be listed as well as the capacity on a decal on the rad support or under side of the hood

What refrigerant in 1993 mustang?

R12 Regards.

How do you recharge air conditioning fluid in 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

buy a recharge 134a conversion kit from wallmart one of them has a instruction video on a cd.its vary vary easy!just be plz be carefull lots of pressure in those cans

Where is the air conditioner expansion valve located on a 1993?

1993 what?

What type of AC refrigerant does a 1999 Solara use?

All American automobiles are equipped with Air Conditioner systems that use R134a since the year 1993, so this would include your 1999 Solara.

What kind of refrigerant is in a 1993 mercury marquis?

134 a

Were do you put refrigerant in 1993 Ford Thunderbird?


How does one charge the air conditioner on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

First you need to find out if the system is a 134a system or not. It is then it recharged through the low port using one of those recharge kits from Walmart or Autozone or wherever. The port only fits on one side. If it is not a 134a system then you will have to have the expensive older freon put in or get a retrofit kit. The later is cheaper. Then refill with 134a. If system has been opened up then the system will have to be hooked to a vacuum pump and then filled with the proper amount of refrigerant and oil. Hope this helps.

What type of refrigerant does a 1993 Mercury Cougar use?

What type of freon does a 1993 cougar use

How do you add refrigerant to 1993 escort?

Your year of Escort takes R 12 refrigerant. It is no longer available in 14 oz cans. It does come in 20 lb. bulk. In 1994 Ford Escorts went to R-134a refrigerant which will not harm the ozone layer. Kits are made to change the earlier systems which take R12 over to R-134a which mainly involves changing the charge ports. You could take it to an A/C shop and they could recharge it with R12 or you could change the ports over and get a kit at the parts place to recharge it yourself. Detailed instructions come with the R134a charge kits.

What refrigerant is used for a 1993 Mercedes Benz 300E?

I have a 1993 500sel. Under the hood, on the left, near the hinge is a sticker which says R134a refrigerant. You might want to check yours

What coolant is needed for the AC system on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

Just the standard 50/50 mixture of Antifreeze, nothing fancy. If you are referring to the Air conditioner refrigerant, it is most likely R12, unless it has been retrofitted to 134a