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R134 is used in all cars after 1992 or so.


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According to the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide : ( " regular " unleaded gasoline , 87 octane )

A 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis came from the factory with ( 5W-30 )

A 2000 Grand Marquis does not have struts, it uses a conventional shock/spring type suspension.

According to the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide : It came from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant ( that's YELLOW color , meeting Ford specification WSS-M97B51-A1 )

5w-30 is what I use in my 2000 grand marquis, in 2001 ford started saying 5w-20.

The refrigerant type that goes into a 2003 Toyota Tacoma is R134a. Its capacity is 16 ounces. The oil capacity, on the other hand, is 7 ounces of PAG 46.

It is important to have the right types of fluids in a car for it to run smoothly. A Grand Marquis will use engine oil 5w-20 or 5w-30.

Was built for R12, should be converted to R134a

Type your answer here... how do you remove passenger door panel on 2001 mercury marquis to replace door lock.,

According to the 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide : ( DOT 3 brake fluid , meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

R-134a in both front and rear units.

You can view the 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( page 63 has the list for the type of bulbs used on a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis )

" regular " unleaded , 87 octane ( according to the Owner Guide )

The 2003 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has overhead valves (OHV).

The 2003 Dodge Grand-Caravan has overhead valves (OHV).

All of the newer vehicles used 134A refrigerant.

The 2003 Suzuki Grand-Vitara has double overhead cam (DOHC).

According to the Owner Guide , Motorcraft MERCON - V

The type of refrigerant that an E 34 needs is R12 refrigerant. It is absolutely necessary that you do not put any other type of refrigerant into a R12.

According to the 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis Owner Guide ( 5W-20 ) ( with engine oil filter change , 4.7 litres / 5.0 U.S. quarts of 5W-20 engine oil )

On a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis : Check the Vehicle Emission Control Information ( VECI ) decal in the front of the engine compartment , for the type of spark plug used and the spark plug gap

can the fuel injectors on a 1994 grand marquis be checked without removing them from the engine, if so what type of instrument do i use

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