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No one really know what rock came first but I would assume it would be Igneous because it came from volcanoes and those have been around a long time. Sedimentary rocks take millions of years to form, and metamorphic take long as well. The best answer would definitely have to be igneous.

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What is the name of the original rock metamorphic rock?

The original rock to a metamorphic rock is called the protolith.

On what basis can metamorphic rocks be identified?

Metamorphic rocks can be identified if the rock is foliated or nonfoliated, foliating type, type of metamorphism (contact/regional), and by probable original rock. :)

Where can you buy Rock Band for the original XBox?

"Where can you buy Rock Band for the original XBox?"

How is the original rock material changed to igneous rock?

The original rock material changed to igneous rocks is the lava .,.,,., "I LOVE MY ANSWER'',..,

What type of rock is Black Sabbath?

Black Sabbath's genre of rock was Heavy Metal. They were one of the original bands that started the genre of Classic Heavy Metal.

What original rock undergoes metamorphic changes?

Igneous rock, sedimentary rock and pre-existing metamorphic rock can all undergo metamorphism. The original rock is known as parent rock or protolith.

Why isn't marble foliated?

A marble is not foliated since it is a type of rock that is formed through metamorphism of limestone. The process causes the marble to recrystallize the original rock completely.

What type of rock has layers?

This type of rock is a sedimentary rock

What was the original rock that formed gneiss metamorphic rock?

Granite, an igneous rock

What type of rock does mount redoubt have?

this mt. has a rock type of rock

The original rock before it metamorphoses?

Parent Rock, apexx

WHAT IS The original rock before it metamorphoses?

Parent rock. (apexvs)

What was the original rock that formed marble metamorphic rock?


What is the type of fossil called where there is a molecule-for-molecule replacement turning the original object into a rock like object?

Would that be petrification?

Can you buy an original pet rock?

There are stores that sell the remake of the original pet rock. Also bidding sites and thrifts stores occasionally do have a actual original for sale.

What is the original name for a slate rock?

the original name of slate is schist

Is slate a solid?

It sure is. Slate is a rock, it is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low grade regional metamorphism.

How can one type of rock become another type of rock how is it possible?

The Rock Cycle.

What type of rock can be changed into metamorphic rock?

Any type of rock can become metamorphic.

What was the original rock that formed anthracite metamorphic rock?

Bituminous coal.

What type of rock?


What is name of original rock?


What type of igneous rock is formed underground by magma?

A rock god dam it

How does a sedimentary rock change into another type of sedimentary rock?

By the same process used to make any other sedimentary rock. The original rock will break down through weathering into small particles, erode to a place of deposition, undergo compaction and cementation, creating a new sedimentary rock.

What type of rock can be changed to sedimentary rock?

Any rock type; metamorphic, sedimentary, or igneous.