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the roles that women played in the civil war was that they cooked food for the men nand they washed there clothes.

even i now that and im only 12.


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During that time women weren't allowed to perform.

Collected and delivered necessities to the army.

cooking and cleaning. not much has changed since then, eh?

A huge number of auxiliary roles. Pretty much everything except direct combat.

the women were nurses, factory workers, sports players, pilots and code breakers.

A lot of women went to work in the factories in america. A lot of jobs were left vacant by men who joined the war. and the women filled the jobs. such as building planes for the war.

Women were NOT allowed on stage during the Elizabethan Era. All female parts were played by prepubescent boys.

The use of women to play the female roles in public theatre performances

The use of women to play the female roles in public theatre performances

women served in the war as cooks and nurses.

The two were the capital cities of two belligerents .

During WWI and WWII women took over the men's responsibilities at home such as working in factories, tending to farms, etc. <><><> In addition, women served in non-combat roles in the military- as drivers, mechanics, and ferrying aircraft.

Women could work in factories, and they had more personnel freedom.

In western nations historically women did the cooking, cleaning, washing and mending of clothes, and house chores. Today the roles women play have very few limitations. They have been heads of state, such as Margaret Thatcher, fire fighters, police officers, and pilots. The US military discourages women from serving in active combat roles.

they played an important part by being different and having different ideas...

captain sargent privet rookie 2nd comander comander

At the time of the American Revolution, women played background roles in the world of politics. Women did not even have the right to vote. However, there is no doubt that behind the scenes, women did discuss issues, and influence their husbands.

The way the women's roles and opportunities in the 1950s differ from women's roles today is in the 1950s women roles was mostly raising a family and housekeeping. Today, women play a part in public offices and workplace and person growth/community.

Because of the diffrerent roles both women and men play, they have different experiences.

Usually men would play the part of women as women hardly had any power during that of an era.

No, women's roles were played by young boys, although at times women would dress up as men to be allowed to play women's roles!

Because the men were not around to work and build weapons so the women had to do it!

It is thought that women were not allowed to watch theatre or perform at the theatre, although male actors did play women roles.

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