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Saline solution should always be in given as a concentration of 0.9% sodium chloride (NaCl).


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Normal Saline 0.9% is called an isotonic solution. A 0.0% saline solution is called a hypotonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse into the red blood cells and cause them to burst open. A 10% saline solution is called a hypertonic solution. A solution of this concentration would cause water to diffuse out of the red blood cells, making them shrivel up and shrink.

From what I know of saline solution is made to mimic the water in your body, so that the body excepts it. Distilled water wouldn't be excepted by the body.

1/2 Normal Saline solution

Not sure what you are using saline solution for but i would say that saline solution is steril and water is not.

solution too concentrated,causing fluid buildup in vessel leading to dehydration and acute renal failure

Saline is sterilized and used to suspend and wash bacterial cells. Saline is used as distilled water would cause the cells to lyse due to osmosis. The saline solution is a solution of salt and water, it contains no source of energy.

If your talking about NaCl (sodium chloride) as your salt, then it would be a saline solution...

Some IV's use saline solution, and some IVs use half normal saline solutions. There are other variants, as well (including lactated Ringer's solutions, for instance). Basically, these are various concentrations of salt water which mimic the salt content in the blood (more or less). It can be used to add other medications into your bloodstream. It's also used when the patient has low blood volume from an injury. It can also help reverse dehydration.

Since saline dries things out, I would imagine that your piercer is correct. Saline (salt solution) absorbs moisture.

To dilute 500 gallons of a 31% solution to a 15% solution you would add 533.33 gallons of the dilutant. For example, if you have 500 gallons of a 31% saline solution you would add 533.33 gallons of water to create 1033.33 gallons of a 15% saline solution.

Normal salineHartmans Solutionunconcious = no eating, therefore no energy imput hence IV glucose soluion may also be ordered

It depends on the concentration of salt within the solution. If the saline solution was less than 0.9%, then water would flow into the cells and they would swell and possible rupture. If the saline concentration was greater than 0.9%, then water would flow out of the cells and shrink which is called crenation. It the saline solution was 0.9% exactly, that is isotonic to the interior of a RBC and nothing would happen.

Salt dissolved in water is known as a saline solution.

Isotonic saline is 0.9% saline. Thus, when receiving IV fluids, Normal Saline is often given at a concentration of 0.9% as to be isotonic with blood. Other medical applications necessitate the administration of hyper-/hypotonic saline solutions that would induce various osmotic shifts.

Doctors would prescribe what solution to use. normally they use either normal saline or sterile water

I take it as hypertonic saline solution. The cell will shrink and it may be killed. As water will come out of the cell.

NACL- Sodium Chloride dissolved in water, (also known as saline, or brine,) is a solution. Another example would be an iron alloy.

Probably it would be too much medication and trauma for the patient.

Saline solution is a type of salt water and when someone is dehydrated, it is given in an IV to help replace the salt the body lost. Distilled water would not replace the lost salt.

A hypertonic solution would be given when a patient is deficient in electrolytes or salts and needs to have them replenished.

Glucose saline solution should be put in autoclave.Water is needed which should be with salt and minerals. Water should be boiled so that it kills all bacteria.

Rinsing eyes with a mild saline solution is safe, as long as the saline is prepared properly. The salt needs to be totally dissolved and it would be better to use a sterile solution available at most pharmacies.

yes. But first if getting this from a pill source I would extract the methylphenidate salt from it, and then dissolve it in a saline solution.

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