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The Loggerhead turtle and Green sea turtle are common sea turtles eaten by the tiger shark. Although, the loggerhead is more than 50% more likely to be eaten than a green sea turtle.

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All type of sea turtles get eaten by tiger sharks

Well a tiger shark is a shark hence the name tiger SHARK so it depends on what type of shark your talking about.

the type of home tiger sharks live in is the bottom of the ocean.

Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a 14-feet-long tiger shark, which is the world's 2nd most dangerous shark

um, in land, yes, but i dont think so in water unless it is a unique type of fast turtle or a slow shark

Dolphins are sometimes eaten by a specific type of shark. (not sure what shark though) Only because they have no other choice it is a food source so don't go hating sharks because one type of shark eats dolphins and don't hate that type of shark because it eats dolphins

a dangerous type of freshwater shark, often mistaken for a tiger. often somewhat smaller in size.

there are no known whales that eat tiger sharks

of course! a certain type of shark has the ability to breakk open a shell. PEACE

A 14-foot-long tiger shark, which is the world's 2nd most dangerous shark after the great white

There are a number of sharks found in Australia. These include the Great White shark, the Whale shark, the Tiger shark, the Great Hammerhead shark, and the Grey Nurse.

The tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, is a large requiem shark (family Carcarhinidae) that can reach 16-18 feet in length, and is found in temperate or tropical seas worldwide. Often implicated in attacks on humans, where it is ranked number two, behind the bull shark and just ahead of the great white shark.

Great Whites(dangerous), Whale sharks(too big),Tiger sharks(dangerous), etc.

The type of sharks in Mexico are Tiburon. great white loan sharks drug dealing sharks kidnapping sharks tiger shark whale shark white shark

It Depends on what type of shark it is. But the answer varies because no shark is the same. For example a tiger shark could eat 40lbs. of food but another could eat 57lbs. see how the answer varies.

A 14-18 foot long shark that is known as the trash can with fins. It weighs up to 1600 pounds. The largest recorded Tiger Shark was 23 feet long and 6400 pounds. It eats almost everthing including any type of fish, seabird, pets that fall into the ocean, trash, and humans. One time, a Tiger Shark swalled four German u-sub torpedoes. It is also a curious shark.

It all depends what type of shark. Tiger sharks will eat pretty much anything... garbage, squid, any type of fish. Bull sharks are in rivers and they eat hippos, turtles, etc.

There are quite a few different types of sharks living in the Caribbean. These include the reef shark, the blacktip reef shark, the tiger shark, nurse shark, and the bull shark. The chances of being attacked by a shark are said to be rare in the Caribbean however

It depends on the size and type of the octopus and shark. A giant octopus can kill and eat a leopard shark, but a common octopus will be a prey of a tiger shark. Blue ringed octopus have deadly venom enough to kill a full-grown whale shark.

like bugs nut snaooen turtles eat rats frogs toads chickens ducks

Snapping turtle, sea turtle i guess....

great white sharks,tiger sharks,bull sharks,gray reef sharks, blacktips and whitetips.

Usually Snapping Turtle is used for turtle soup.

I saw a baby shark when i went to Boston im not sure what type it was but it was about a foot long and about 8 inches in height

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