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What type of seals are endangered?

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Leapered seals are endangered

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Are fur seals endangered?

No.Fur seals are not endangered.

Why are seals is endangered?

Seals are endangered becaus poachers kill them, and others eat them.

Why are seals endangered?

Seals are endangered because people are killing them for their skin and food,seals are also endangered because lakes and seas are getting polluted.

Are harbor seals endangered?

No, they are not endangered.

Are white seals endangered?

yes white seals are endangered because people in Canada are killing them

Why are Guadalupe fur seals endangered?

Guadalupe fur seals are endangered because people kill them for fur.

Are leopard seals endangered?


Are Antarctic seals endangered?


Why are seals endangerd?

Seals are endangered to the pollution of the oceans. They are also endangered because some people poach the water animals.

Are seals endangered?

Yes some seals are endangered. Hawaiian monk seals (M. schauinslandi) are critically endangered. There are only 310 Saimaa ringed seals (Pusa hispida saimensis) left. There are so few of Lacs des Loups Marins harbor seal (a.k.a. Ungava seals, P.v. mellonae) that no one is sure of the numbers. Mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus) are endangered as well.

Are seals extinct?

no, but theyre endangered

Are ross seals endangered?


Are Antarctic fur seals endangered?


Are seals endangered species?


How are seals endangered?

They're endangered because people kill babies in Canda

Are seals endangered and if they are why are they?

No they are not there are plenty of seals in the world __ Depends on the specific breed. Some seals are abundant, while others are endangered. The Hawaiian monk seal is on the critical list and likely won't survive.

Why are seals becoming endangered?

global warming

Are Southern elephant seals endangered?


Are Cape Fur seals endangered?


Why are leopard seals endangered?

because people throw rubbish in the sea which pollutes the leopard seals

What all animals are an in-dangered spiecies?

Some endangered species are like Pandas, some type of seals,tigers, and more.

Why are hawiian monk seals endangered?

Over hunting.

How is the pengulin endangered?

cuz seals kill em

Why are seals endangered species?

because people hunt them.

Are ribbon seals endangered?

No they are not. but they might become soon.

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