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Depends on individual preference.

I like Stocks, Stocks and more Stocks. Historically over the long term (20+ years) they have outperformed every other type of investment including real estate. The National Association of Investment Clubs ( has lots of good information.

On the other hand, I have friends who have made a mint in real estate and love it. In an appreciating market, you do get the advantange of leveraging a small 20%+- deposit against the appreciation of the full value of the home. You can do this with stocks too if you're really, really confident and can use loaned money to invest.

Real estate requires some model for how you are going to make money. Landlording, flipping in an appreciating market, etc... And then you have the maintenance of the home, taxes, insurance, etc... chipping away at your return.

I've been both a landlord and a long time stock holder. Stocks are a lot less work and extremely liquid. You can get you cash out instantly when you need it.

Look up INFA or Informatica. Great company, good revenue growth, good balance sheet, and great sector. But only take notice if it drops a good 10 percent at least.. it's a bit high now. But then again, most tech stock are at the moment. 11/12/10 But a good long term holder

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Q: What type of security would you prefer to own and why?
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