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they eat sun flower seeds corn and black oiled sun flower seeds

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Q: What type of seeds do canaries eat?
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Can canaries eat apples?

Canaries are not very picky about they eat, unlike parrots. Therefore, canaries can eat all sorts of fruits and veggies including apples just as long as the seeds are removed.

Why wont your canary eat your diahrea?

Canaries eat seeds. Diarrhea is definitely not in anyway seed like.

What do baby canaries eat?

Seeds from a pet shop and bits of fruit and you can also feed them kinds of nuts.

Do canaries have feathers?

canaries do have feathers and they have lots of different colors canaries are a type of a bird

Can canaries eat peanut butter?

Yes. Many people put bird feed or a mix of seeds with some peanut butter into bird feeders.

What type of seeds can parakeets eat?

parakeets eat a variety of seeds but their favourite is called millet. but its high in carbs

What type of foods do parrots eat?


What seeds will birds eat?

any type

What type of seeds human eat?

they need to eat at least 100 black watermelon seeds a day to stay healthy

Can canaries eat strawberries?

I think so

What type of birds eat seeds and nuts?

Well many birds eat seeds parakeets macaws it's their favorite food

What type of food do parakeets like to eat?


What type of seeds do sparrows like to eat?

Millet, milo, sunflower, grass and weed seeds.

Will birds eat more mixed seeds or Sunflower seeds?

Actually, birds eat more of mixed seeds over sunflower seeds because they either eat them more often or they see them often. But, it also depends on the type of bird, or your area.

Does a canary eat a bird?

No. Canaries are seed eaters.

Can white canaries and yellow canaries breed?

If you want to breed a white canary and a yellow, It is possible as long as the type is the same. such as: Specked white Canaries can breed with speckled blue Canaries or even yellow you know.

What type of food did the Apaches eat?


Why can't canaries survive in outer space?

no gravity to eat

Do wild rats eat canaries?


What is the use of seeds?

If u have use seeds it grows stuff for u to eat and for decrotion depending on the seed type. :)

What is the possessive of canaries?

The possessive of canaries is canaries'.

What kind of seeds do parrots eat?

Type your answer here... sunflower and pumpkin

Do seeds eat?

No plant seeds do not eat.

What type of fish can parrots eat?

Parrots don't eat fish, the are herbivores not carnivores. They eat seeds, nuts and fruits

What type of nuts can deer eat?

Deer love acorns, but they will eat about any kind of nuts or seeds.