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you can put chameleon together.they get a long great and is cheep to feed,a chameleon is about 7.99.have fun

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What type of lizards live in Asia?

Asian lizards.

What type of lizards can you put together in an terrarium?

Any kind of lizards maybe...

What do small black lizards eat?

what type of small black lizard is it

What do baby lizards look like?

It depends on the lizard type. All baby lizards are small,

Can lizards live with other animals?

it depends on what type of animal it is

What type of small lizards inhabit Florida?

Its mostly The Brown Anole

What type of animals live in Panama?

Lizards and snakes, to name two.

Do lizards have shelter?

Yes, more specifically, it depends on the type of lizard and what type environment they live in. It depends on the biome/region they live in.

What type of lizards live in California?

The types of lizards that live in California are, Gila monsters, blue-belly(western fence), brown mountain lizard and black mountain lizard

How big do horned lizards get?

Horned Lizards are relatively small. They grow from 2.75 inches to about 5 inches long. This is dependent on what type of horned lizard it is.

What type of animals live in deserts?

the animals that live in deserts are fennol foxs/tortus/camels/lizards/ants

What type of reptiles live in Tennessee?

lizards, turtles, u know...those kind

What characteristics do both lizards and snakes have?

lizards and snakes are very similar because of their type of skin and also because of where they live like in deserts and rainforest

How much do lizards eat?

Lizards can eat very little and survive. However, how much they eat depends on where they live, the type of lizard it is, and what it ate the day before.

Do lizards have long touges?

depending in the certain type of lizard you may have or looked at but most of the time its small

Where do dragon lizards live?

They can be found umm well my dad knows but I'm not getting to type things in

What other type of animals live in China?

Panda bears, lizards, frogs, cats, tigers.... LOTS!

What type of food do lizards eat?

Lizards eat mealworms and crickets.

How many species of Monitor Lizards exist?

there are 24 type of lizards

What type of wild animals live in panama?

elphants, lions, giraffe, monkeys, lizards, and also panda bears...

What type of frogs do woodpeckers eat?

Woodpeckers will eat small tree frogs. In addition, the woodpecker will eat small lizards, birds, eggs, nestlings, and fish if it is available.

What type of lizards were on Stanley and Hector in the movie holes?

yellow spotted lizards

Do lizards have skin or scales?

Lizards have scales, which are a specialized type of skin.

What type of reptiles live in the Sahara Desert?

The reptiles that live in the Sahara Desert include snakes, lizards and frogs. There are many animals that can withstand these harsh climates.

What are common animals in desert?

Type your answer here... lizards and snakes and crocodiles lots of bugs and loads of birds fishes in small ponds.