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What type of software is available for skip tracing companies for businesses?

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Skip Tracing (or Skiptrace) is the discipline of locating a person through various information networks and feeds. Currently Skip Tracing is utilized by law enforcement persons, government personel, and various companies. Some proven Skiptrace companies are:

  1. Lexus Nexus and their Accurent program.
  2. Merlin Information Services
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Free software for skip tracing?

You might be able to find this online. It is more likely that you will have to purchase it.

What is flowchart tracing?

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What software to review in the repossession business to expand to the skip tracing side?

There are a lot of significant tools for asset recovery and skip tracing, however the trick to the trade is having the right person do it. Ive been a skip tracer for 14 years. To recommend a piece or software or a product that's going to locate your asset/subject all on its own is impossible.

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How do you start up a skip tracing business?

You can learn the art of skip tracing and how to start your own business at

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What is skip tracing in accounting language?

Skip Tracing means trying to locate the debtor who for some reason has become untraceable.

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