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What is the soil type in the temperate forest?

what is the soil type in a temperate forest

What type of soil does Pennsylvania have?

it is forest soil

What is type of soil from temperate deciduous forest?

Brown Soil.

What type of soil does the temperate rain forest have?

humus soil

What decomposer lives on forest floor?

The mushroom is a decomposer that lives on the forest floor and recycles nutrients from dead organisms back into the soil.

What type of soil can be found in a tropical rain forest?

black soil

What is the soil type for coniferous forest?


What is the type of soil in evergreen forest?

sandy,rocky poor quality soil

What type of soil does the deciduous forest biome have?

Type your answer here... miosture

What type of soil does the Boreal Forest have?

bhm hmbhmh

What is the soil type in the Mixed Forest region?


What are the names of rocks in the Temperate Deciduous Forest?

There is no direct connection between the forest and the rocks underneath its soil. You can get deciduous forest on any type of soil if the climatic conditions are right.

What type of soil does northeastern US and Canada have?

Forest soils

What type of habitat does a snail live in?

It lives in a forest type of habitat

What type of owl lives in the rain forest?


What type of soil is in the boreal forest?

The soil in the Boreal Forest is more fertile than tundra but more acidic(harsh) which limits the number of plants that can thrive

What is the soil type for the tropical rain forest?

generally nutrient poor

What is the soil type in a temperate rain forest?

25 degrese farinhite

Why would the soil be brown forest soil?

Brown forest soil is merely the name given to a particular type of soil, similar to a gley or a podzol. It does not infer location or colour. Brown forest soils are predominantly utilised for agriculture to high levels of organic matter. A. Cox

Is the soil type of northeastern US and canada is southern forest soils?


What type of soil is in a deciduous forest?

It is rich and dark because of the decomposed organisms.

What type of fox lives in the forest?

The red fox would be the most common fox found in a forest.

What type of raccoons live in the deciduous forest?

The northern (aka common) raccoon lives in the deciduous forest,

What type of soil does a kelp forest have?

think about it the only type of soil under the ocean is sand and rock and kelp cant grow on the rocks so???? Sand!

What is the soil type in the northwestern coniferous forest?

rocky, acidic soil or this is what i could find please change this answer if you find a better answer