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Your tubes are not tied per se, rather they are either burned, which less surgeons do as a slight risk of damage of burning the bowels accidentilly may occur. Or, they use a clip, mine is titanium, to clip shut the tubes, my understanding is that over time the tubes will fuse themselves. this is a short version of what I was told prior to my operation.

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Q: What type of string is used in the tubal ligation?
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What type of procedure is used for tubal ligation?

The most common surgical approaches to tubal ligation include laparoscopy and mini-laparotomy.

What is the most common process for tubal ligation?

A heated needle connected to an electrical device is used to cauterize or burn the tubes. Electrocoagulation is the most common method of tubal ligation.

How long to heal after a tubal ligation?

Healing time after a tubal ligation varies depending on the person and type of anesthesia used. If general anesthesia is used the patient should not operate a car for 24 hours. Most post-surgery symptoms go away within 2-5 days.

How do you take care of tubal ligation stitches?

Tubal ligation is usually performed using a laparoscope. The stitches used are usually dissolve on their own. To care for you stitches, they should be kept clean and dry.

Can tubal clips come undone?

It is possible for the clips used in a tubal ligation to come undone or loose. It can happen for various reasons, but it is a fairly rare occurrence.

How is a silicone band used in tubal ligation?

A band placed over a tube forms a mechanical block to sperm.

Can the clips used in a tubal ligation come loose?

YES! I recently had tubal reversal surgery and one of my clips was missing so they can fall off and migrate within your body.

How is a hulka clip used in tubal ligation?

The surgeon places a plastic clip across a tube held in place by a steel spring.

Are there any alternatives to a colpotomy?

In the case of colpotomy used for tubal ligation procedures, laparoscopy or laparotomy procedures are currently the preferred technique

How many years does a clamp stay on after a tubal ligestion?

After a tubal ligation, the clamp used stays on for the rest of a woman's life. There is a chance that this procedure can be reversed in some cases. A medical professional will be able to diagnose any problems with the tubal clamp.

What does electrocoagulation entail?

A heated needle connected to an electrical device is used to cauterize or burn the tubes. Electrocoagulation is the most common method of tubal ligation.

Is it a sin to have tubal ligation?

AnswerTubal ligation is a widely used, popular and effective form of birth control. As it is essentially permanent, it is normally only offerred to married couples who already have children and have made a decision not to have more children.Whether or not to consider tubal ligation is mainly an issue for Catholics, as most Protestant Churches have a more relaxed attitude towards contraception. For the Catholic Church, all forms of artificial contraception are sins.

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