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What type of tire pressure warning system is used on a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD?


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2004-10-08 17:07:16
2004-10-08 17:07:16

Special wheel - speed sensors measure each wheel's rotational speed relative to the other wheels, allowing the system to detect low pneumatic pressure in tires. Once under - inflation is detected, a visual warning will alert the driver.


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I have a 2000 sienna..........and had that light come has to do with the braking system

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How do you cancle or turn off the 2006 Toyota tundra's tire warning pressure system.? other than putting tape over the light.

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According to my 2000 Sienna manual, an exclamation point in a circle with 2 parens on either side is a brake system warning light. Might want to get your brake system looked at.

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Inflate the tires to proper pressure. Make sure you check the spare too. It is included in the tire low pressure warning system.

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