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What type of transmission fluid do you use for a 5 speed Saturn 93 SL2?

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2008-06-09 16:48:16
2008-06-09 16:48:16

Saturn manual transmissions take standard automatic transmission fluid. the dipstick is located in the rear of the transmisison, on the far driver side. the stick is red in color. the transmisison holds about 2.5 quarts of DEXTRON III. Many have had good results using Mobil 1 ATF Synthetic

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When adding fluids to the car it is important to add the right type of fluids. A 2002 Saturn sc2 uses Dexron-III/Mercon transmission fluid.

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dexron6 are type transmission oil for Saturn 2001 serial sc2

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well, the type of ur car depends on it. if u hav ur 1998 saturn, then if its automatic go to ur local wal-mart or auto store and get automatic transmission fluid, if its manual do the same as above and get manual transmission fluid

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