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Army?Navy?Great Britain and Commonwealth countries?Germay?Japan? Need more information.

yes i need moree infomationn matee wth x

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What type of uniform is worn in swimming?

an swimsuit

What type clothes were worn during World War 2?

In World War 2, clothes were worn to match the economic atmosphere back then.

What type of uniform does a neurosurgeon wear?

Generally all surgeons wear scrubs there is no particular uniform for particular type of surgeons. Scrubs are worn to maintain asepsis in the operating room.

What were the main colors worn by each side during the civil war?

In the American Civil War, the Confederacy had a grey uniform and the Union had a blue uniform.

Where do you place medals on army class a uniform?

Medals themselves are only worn on the uniform the day they are received. What is worn on the uniform normally is the ribbon bar that matches the medal - these are worn in a presribed pattern on the upper left breast of the uniform tunic.

What was the official colour of the dress worn by Indian cricketers during world cup matches in 2011?

Blue as their primary colour and have worn one or the other shade of blue. The blue colour of their uniform has also earned them the nickname of "Men in Blue"

What is an army officer's parade uniform called?

Normally only worn during ceremonies, official gatherings, and other special occasions, it is called Full Dress Uniform.

Where does the world conservation award go on the cub scout uniform?

The World Conservation Award is a "temporary patch" that is worn over the right pocket of the scout uniform. It can be sewn on, centered on the right pocket, or it can be worn in a plastic holder hanging from the right pocket flap button.

How do you wear the CIB on the army combat uniform?

It is Not worn on a combat uniform.<<< This is not true, the CIB is worn on the left side of the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) above the U.S. ARMY name tape.

What are the Marine Corps Service Charlie uniform?

The short sleeve khaki shirt with appropriate service trousers or skirt/slacks is designated as the service "C" uniform. During the winter season, commanders may, at their discretion, when the weather requires, authorize the service "C" uniform. This uniform may be worn as a uniform of the day and for leave or liberty, unless otherwise prescribed by the commander, and may be prescribed for formations at parades or ceremonies on and off the military activity. This uniform will not be worn for formal or semiformal social events. The green V-neck service sweater may be worn only as part of the service "B" uniform at the option of the individual. It will not be worn on those occasions when the wear of the service coat would be more appropriate. It may be worn as part of the duty uniform both on and off the military installation, for commuting to and from work, and on leave and liberty. It will not be worn for inspections, ceremonial formations, or parades.

Why don't German kids wear uniform?

It was decided by the government in 1997 that German students shouldn't wear uniform due to the fact that lots of Nazis wore uniform during WWII. They don't wear uniform because the Germans looked at it like this: "the country has already worn uniform once, why do it again?"

What clothes were worn during William Shakespeares time?

the type you wear.

What type of clothing is worn during merengue dancing?

colourful clothes

What makes the army uniform a uniform?

Because it's worn uniformly by all personnel in the Army.

Is the eagle worn on the collar of a colonel?

Not anymore. The last uniform in which a commissioned officer wore rank on their collar was the Battle Dress Uniform/Desert Combat Uniform, which has since been replaced by the Army Combat Uniform, where the rank in worn on a flap on the front of the shirt.

What is a civilian dress worn instead of uniform?


What is military dress jacket worn as uniform?


Where on the dress uniform of a navy seal is the scuba diver qualification badge worn?

The dress uniform is the same as the rest of the navy. scuba diver qualification badges are not worn.

What type of clothes are worn in England?

The type of clothing worn in England is very similar to clothing worn anywhere in the Western world. English people often are very fashionable in their dress.

What would be worn during Hanukkah?

There is no special clothing worn. It depends on the family and what type of party (if any) is being held.

In a military wedding what would not be worn with the uniform?

Anything that the military uniform dress code doesn't allow.

Is there a list of the uniform numbers of everyone who has worn a New York Yankees uniform?

Click on the link below to see all the Yankees uniform numbers.

What is the name of the uniform worn by judo competitors?

A gi (suit)

Identical clothing worn by everyone in the same group?


What quarterbacks have worn uniform number nineteen?

Johnny Unitas