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Graphic User Interface (user-friendly)

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Q: What type of user interface is used by Microsoft Word?
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Related questions

What are the meaning of parts of Microsoft Word?

You can follow the link, below, to teach yourself more about the labels used in the interface for Microsoft Word.

What are the definition of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that can be used to type papers, reports, etc

What dose Microsoft Word do?

its a program used to type documents

What is the meaning of ribbon in Microsoft Word?

The ribbon in Microsoft Word is the floating combination menu and toolbar panel usually at the top of the interface. It is usually customized with command links to the most used features in the program like "Home" and "Page Layout."

Word processing is used to create text documents what type of software is this?

An example of a word processor is Microsoft Word.

What is the green wavy line in Microsoft Word?

The green wavy line in Microsoft Word is used when Word think you make a grammatical mistake. (The red one is used when you make a spelling mistake) There should be an option in the Word, "Check grammar as you type". You can turn it off/on. Adding some Microsoft links with more information.

Which application software can be used to format oblique heading?

microsoft word

How can Microsoft Word be used at work?

go to internet type in microsoft word downloads then hit download and it will either show up under the start or the main computer screen

What is isapi?

(ISAPI) Internet Services Application Programming Interface is an application developed by Microsoft and its partners used in Microsoft's web servers.

What is the differences between Microsoft Excel and MS Word?

Microsoft Excel is used for formulas, numbers, budgets etc. whereas Microsoft Word is used for word processing.

Different beetwin Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Word is used for writing papers, and Microsoft Excel is for spreadsheets.

Which type of program provides the graphical user interface?

what type of program is used to provides the graphical user interface

What type of interface connects the monitor to the computer?

These days, an HDMI interface is used.

Differentiate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Excel is primarily a spreadsheet program for making sense out of numbers. Microsoft Word is primarily a program for writing documents with text and pictures. Depending on the size and type of the document, both programs can theoretically be used for each others' purposes.

Why did Microsoft make Windows 8 so terrible?

Microsoft chose to change the graphic user interface in Windows 8. Microsoft had used a very similar graphic user interface on many of its operating systems since around the year 1998. Developers chose to move in a different direction with Windows 8. The interface was very different from previous versions of their Windows operating systems.

What kind of program is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft is a Word processor program developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used to create word documents.

How is Microsoft Word used in the work environment?


What is word processing software used for?

Word processors, like Microsoft Word, are computer applications used to help people type, read and edit texts and graphics on computers. They can also print them out.

What software used word processing?

In word processing their are diff type of s/w are used over here like Microsoft product ms office as another etc..............

What is the difference between word and Microsoft word?

Word is often used to refer to Microsoft Word, so they are the same application.

Microsoft Word is used for?

Word Processing

2 new terms used in Microsoft Word 2007?

i need 2 new terms used in Microsoft word 2007

How do you type a document if you don't have Microsoft Word?

There are many other word processors available besides Microsoft Word, including several free ones. AbiWord and LibreOffice Writer are two popular free ones. In a pinch, even WordPad (included with Windows) can be used.

Difference between Microsoft Word and PowerPoint?

Microsoft word is used, most commonly, to create word documents. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create power points aka slides. Think of the difference between a slide how and a letter.

Which Microsoft program is used to create your resume and cover letter?

There are 2 Microsoft programs you can use. The first is Microsoft Word, which is used to make any type of word document in almost any way imaginable, and is included with any version of Microsoft Office. There is also Microsoft Works, which usually comes installed on all Windows computers. It can be used to make very proffessional looking documents, and it includes a variety of templates that show you how to create documents (including resumes and cover letters).