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composite volcanoes

shield volcanoes

cinder cone volcanoes

spatter cone volcanoes

complex volcanoes


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earthquakes and vocanoes

Wel my research says that vocanoes can be about 400 km deep or even more.ABOUT 400 km only science people know.

Vocanoes help the world by giving it good soil. The streets that we drive on are made of vocanic rocks. The vocanoes also shape the world. How the vocanoes make things worse is they can DESTROY the world with its burning lava/magma!

earthquakes and vocanoes and faults!

in hawaii becaus they have the most vocanoes at

Mountains, Vocanoes, Valleys..

how long can a volcanoe stay above the surface??

they erupt because of the hot magma in the earth want to get out

is there over 3,5984 vocanoes in the whole word

Strato volcanoes are vocanoes with pointy tips.

no because Uranus' atmosphere is supposed to be pure gas.

Hawaii has problems such as the vocanoes people will be worried about their families and lifes

volcanoes eruption is developed from all the gases and movement under ground.

There are 22 active volcanos in the Pacific Ring of fire.

The Ring of Fire is form at Pacific Ocean. It is an area where there is a lot of earthquakes and vocanoes.

1511 and most of them are around the pacific ocean Meine Schwanz ist eine flamen werver

because the fault lines when they move it causes the vocanoes to start erupting.

There are more then 8,000 underwater volcanoes. America had the most biggest eruption worldwide by 5 metres down by sea.

Yes. Although Scientest arn't sure I'm gonna' say that yes there is extinct vocanoes on Venus. (:

There are six volcanic belts in western Canada and several scattered vocanoes in British Columbia. See the related link.

cinder cone, shield, and composite. cinder cone are tall and thin, shield have really smooth sides and composite volcanoes are small and fat

Yes. Volcanoes can "die" fissures in tectonic plates allow magma to rise, causing volcanoes, and these can move, or cease to emit magma.

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