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Surtsey is an island off SW Iceland, it was formed by volcanic eruptions beginning in November of 1963 and ending in June 1967. No further eruptions are expected there. The volcano is a composite form, where lava has covered the existing cinder cone and formed erosion-resistant rock. Although half of the original island is again covered by water, the island and its associated undersea ridges should survive for a long time. Several other islands in the archipelago formed in the same way over the last few centuries.

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What type of volcano is mount surtsey?

mount surtsey is a an active volcano

What is the diameter of surtsey the volcano?

surtsey the volcano is 1.5 km!! :)

The size and height of surtsey?

what size is surtsey volcano

What was the name of the volcano that formed surtsey?

Well, the name of island. Surtsey.

Was surtsey a volcano in Hawaii?

No. Surtsey is a volcanic island near Iceland.

Will surtsey erupt?

Surtsey is an active volcano, it is likely that it will erupt at any time.

What is surtsey?

I believe that surtesy is a volcano.

Where is the Surtsey volcano located?

i think iceland

How does volcano surtsey erupt?

it just does erupt

How big was volcano surtsey?

very big

Is surtsey an active dormant or extinct volcano?

is active

Has volcano surtsey ever killed anyone?


What type of plate boundary created Surtsey Island?

Surtsey (part of an island group off SW Iceland) is on constructive plate boundaries, which means the two plates move away from each other and magma rises to the surface. This is how a volcano like Surtsey is formed.

Why is Surtsey important to Iceland?

Because there was a volcano eruption in Heimaey (in Iceland) and the ash and thing from it made an island from it, and that's Surtsey

How many people died in the eruption of mount surtsey?

1000 people died in the eruption of surtsey,iceland volcano because i was there

Is surtsey a shieldcomposite or cinder cone volcano?

none its a new breed

Which country is the Surtsey Volcano in?

The Surtsy volcano is located just off the coast of Iceland. Please see the related link.

What country is surtsey volcano in?

It is 32Kms south of Iceland, a new island formed in 1963

What type of magma does surtsey have?

mafic magma

What types of plants live on surtsey?

Surtsey is an island that was formed by an undersea volcano in 1963. Some plants that live there are rockets, sea lyme grass, oyster plant and sea sandwort.

What is the lava of surtsey?

the magma and lava in Surtsey are of alkali olivine basalt, which is the type of basalt found in Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands)

How did Surtsey appear suddenly out of the sea?

Because two plates collided and pushed up creating the volcano.

What is the type of plates Surtsey has?

Surtsey is formed on the convergent boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates. At this location this is oceanic crust.

Is Mount Surtsey extinct?

Mount Surtsey is not extinct. In fact, it is not even dormant. A volcano is classified as "dormant" after 200 years of inactivity. Surstey erupted in 1963, and that was less than 200 years ago.

What kinds of eruptions does the volcano Surtsey have?

It have a massive eruption in the ocean.And it spread about 220 million cubic metres & about 7.7 billion cubic feet.And it an active volcano in Iceland.

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