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What type of water heaters have good recommendations? I wouldn't really care for water heating unless my water isn't cold. But the best two I recommend would be Rheem Water Heater, and Utah Water Heater Company.

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What type of power does a water heater use?

Gas, oil,electric,solar and I have even seen Bio mass water heaters.

What type of device is used to collect solar energy for heating water and houses?

Solar panels and heaters are used. They trap sun's energy.

What are good Pokemon to use to beat the Pokemon league on Pokemon White?

Fully evolved Axew or Dieno, your starter, a grass water or fire type opposite to your starter and Excadrill or Krokodille. Remember, these are recommendations not musts.

Which home appliances have a resistive load and which home appliances have an inductive load?

water heaters electric stoves toasters space heaters incandescent lights are resistive loads a/c and fans iceboxs and anything with a motor is inductive Type your answer here...

What is good against water Pokemon?

electric is good against water type

What are common capacities for large water heaters?

It depends on what type of water heater do you have. For a gas-heater, 75 gallons is considered large. For the electric heater, 120 gallons is considered large.

What are water and ice Pokemon good against?

Water type are good against fire and ground and rock type . Ice are good against grass and water and phychic. Hope this helps! :)

What is the best type of water heater out there in the market?

These solar water heaters are expensive, but worth the investment. Since they are sun-powered, expect for the saving when it comes to your electric bill. You can save more in the long run.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater?

There are several different options when you need to replace your home’s water heater. Each type of heater has different benefits that may or may not fit your needs. Think about the priorities you have in mind for your water heater, then choose the one that matches those priorities the most closely. Electric Water Heaters Electric water heaters include large tanks filled with water that is constantly heated by an electrical heating element. They tend to consume less energy than gas water heaters because the electrical element is not continuously burning the way that a gas heater’s pilot light is. The only trouble with electric water heaters is that they can take a long time to heat the water when they are completely drained. They are not ideal for large families who may need a lot of hot water at the same time. Natural Gas Water Heaters Gas powered hot water heaters are configured the same way electric heaters are. They have large tanks of water that is kept hot and ready for use. Gas water heaters tend to consume more energy than other options, however, because they must be kept lit at all times to maintain effectiveness. The water heats more quickly with a gas water heater, though. Sometimes a gas water heater can require more maintenance than an electric option because the pilot light has a tendency to go out. The homeowner must light the pilot in order to make sure that there is hot water available for the home. Tankless Water Heaters Used as a standard form of water heater throughout Europe, tankless water heaters don’t require the use of a tank of water at all. They are installed in the same area that a hot water tank would be installed, but they contain a quick heating element that heats the water on demand. There is no danger of ever running out of hot water because the water is heated when the hot water tap is turned on anywhere in the house. Tankless water heaters are the most energy efficient option because they don’t keep a large quantity of water heated constantly the way the other types of water heaters do.

Are tankless gas water heaters more efficient than tank type gas water heaters?

not only more efficient, but with tax breaks and gas company credits they are very competitive pricewise if you can find a floor model like i did. even if you can't it will pay for itself in 2 years and has a longer warranty than a tank

What temperature should water be in a fish tank be will they die if it is only 70 degrees?

The water temperature varies with the type of fish, but normally it should be about 75 degrees. Most aquarium heaters do a good job of keeping the temperature at this point. If your fish get sick you may want to raise the temperature to about 82 degrees.

Is an electric hot water heater 100 percent efficient?

No, but close to it.In regards to just the heating of the water, Tank-type, and tank-less, electric water heaters are about 99% efficient* because the heating elements are immersed in water, and little energy is wasted between heat source and water.However, all tank-type water heaters loose heat from their reservoirs (tanks). This heat loss lowers the overall efficiency.Most electric heaters fall between 90-95% total. This is the number that is usually reported by the manufacturers.* Efficiency is not the same as cost savings. For example electric heaters have higher efficiency, but cost more to operate than same-size gas water heater. Also tankless gas heaters, gas water heaters with blowers, and gas heaters with high recovery may claim higher efficiency, but they consume more fuel per hour of operation.Additional Information:Efficiency of heating elements does not consider inefficiencies in production, transmission, refining, and delivery of electricity. Estimates say coal-fired power plants waste half the energy of coal during electric generation. However hydroelectric power plants are very efficient.Tank-type gas water heaters are 69% efficient, since hot combustion gas escapes out the flue after hydrogen content of fuel is burned. This number does not consider inefficiencies during production, transmission, refining, and delivery of gas.Tank-less gas water heaters are 79% efficient, but tank-less burn more gas per gallon of hot water than tank-type heaters. Hot combustion gasses are released out the flue and are not actively recycled without slowing combustion which turns off unit. Newer type tank-less with blower recycles heat into a tank operate at 96% efficiency, and are made for oversize consumption of both energy and hot water.High efficiency tank-type gas heaters operate at 96% efficiency by using blowers to circulate hot combustion gas through coiled tube located inside tank. Same amount of combustion gas is released since only heat is recycled. The use of electric blower affects overall cost.Environmental efficiency: Electric water heater does not release CO2 at each home, instead CO2 is localized at power plant. Gas water heaters release CO2 at each home which factor in environmental efficiency.Efficiency of all gas water heaters falls and cannot be fully restored if untreated hard water deposits sediment over heat transfer surface. Generally, gas heaters exposed to hard water require softener which affects overall efficiency.Efficiency of tank-type electric water heater remains at 99% until sediment reaches element, causing element to burn out. Full 99% efficiency is restored by cleaning out tank and replacing element. Generally, tank-type electric heater does not require water softener.Downsizing water heater, reducing consumption, selecting water heater with fewer parts, reading the manual, and draining tank each 6 months to avoid sediment are key to saving energy.

What is the price range for tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters can range in price from $200.up to $1200. Depending on if you are looking to purchase a small under sink unit or a bigger gas fired unit. The benefits for purchasing tankless water heaters are the operating costs are cheaper and they have a longer life than the tank type water weaters. Models start at around $300 for small, under-the-sink units, and range in excess of $1000 for high-capacity units. Bosch and Rheem are probably the biggest names in quality tankless heaters. Also, price may depend on your choice of electric, natural gas, or liquid propane models.

How do you get a water type in ruby version without a good rod?

your starter pokemon can be a water type and you can trade water type pokemon with your friends in pokemon ruby

How you can sell refrigerator in jammu and kashmir?

Type your answer here... By saying that these are like heaters

What are the apparent contradictions in Machiavelli's recommendations about a princes being liberal?

Type your answer here... what are the apparent contradictions in machiavelli's recommendations about a princes being liberal

What the most energy efficient type of electric heater?

They say that E-heaters are a good value--convection heaters that mount to the wall. They're actually called ECONO HEAT. I've heard good things about them but haven't tried one myself. I understand that proper mounting (right height, inside wall) makes a difference. They have a website-- http://eheat.com/

How train water-type?

Water types are good against Fire types or Rock types. Keep involving your Water type in any battles and it will gain experience.

You Have a Blaziken in ruby what should you add to your team?

I would either add a Water Type, Grass Type, or Dragon Type. Good water could be a Spheal. Good grass could be Shiftry, and good dragon could be either Gyrados or Rayquaza. Good Luck!

What type of drainage system good for storm water runoff?

any type as long as it can hold water!!Dandy bags or curb sacks are good for sediment control

What type of products are Thermastor manufacturing?

The products that Thermastor are manufacturing consist of the following: Dehumidifiers, Restoration equipment, and Water heaters. You can find more information on this topic by visiting their official website.

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