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this kind of wave that includes compressional and rarefaction is called a longitudinal wave.

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What is a complete compression and rarefaction in a longitudinal wave?

When you have the complete compression and rarefaction of a longitudinal wave, that is one complete wave.

Rarefaction occurs only in?

Rarefaction occurs only in a longitudinal wave. This wave has consecutive compression and rarefaction. An example of a longitudinal wave is a sound wave.

Is a sonic wave a longitudinal wave?

No, a compression-rarefaction wave.

A region of spread out particles ina compressional wave is called?

I believe you are referring to rarefaction. The "trough" of a compression / rarefaction wave is called rarefaction.

Rarefaction occurs only in a?

Rarefaction only occurs in a longitudinal wave. Rarefaction is the reduction of the density of a medium. It is the opposite of compression.

What is the distances between compression and rarefaction of longitudinal wave?

Compression is the areas where the particles are closer together. Rarefaction is the areas where the particles are stretched apart.

What is rarefaction of a wave?

Reduction of a medium's density is known as Rarefaction (or opposite of compression). basimnazeer95@hotmail.comBasim Nazeer.

In what kind of wave can rarefaction occur?

Rarefaction occurs in longitudinal (compression) waves, where the medium is alternately compressed and rarefied.

What is the difference between compressions and rarefactions of a sound wave?

Compression is the squeezing together of the wave and rarefaction is the stretching out of the wave.

Describe a compression and rarefaction of a sound wave traveling through air?

Rarefaction [expansion of Air Pressure] is the opposite of Compression of Air Waves traveling through the Atmosphere.

What is the section where a sound wave spreads apart?

It's called the rarefaction (as opposed to the compression)

What are the areas of a sound wave where the molecules in the medium are packed closer together?

Type your answer here... this is called a compression, and when they are spread apart it is called a rarefaction

What is rarefaction and compression?

Compression is a Pushing Force whereas Rarefaction is a Pulling Force[Compression is the point when the most force is being applied to a molecule&Rarefaction is the point when the least force is applied].Compression happens when particles are forced/pressed together.Rarefaction is just the opposite,it occurs when particles are given extra space&allowed to expand.Compression&Rarefaction are Effects the wave causes.If you look at any normal visual representation of a Sound Wave,the humps above the middle line are called Compressions,the humps below are called Rarefactions.

Compression and rarefaction?

Rarefaction is the reduction of an items density, the opposite of compression. Like compression which can travel in waves, rarefaction waves also exist in nature.

What are the areas of compression and rarefraction an dwhich type wave do they aply?

LONGITUDINAL wave. Air layers come closer at a particular time at a particular place is known to be compression. At the same place after some time the layers get separated. This is rarefaction. For example, a sound wave.

What is rare faction of sound wave?

A rare faction is an area of a sound wave where there is lesser compression of the medium,ie Rarefaction is the reduction of a medium's density, or the opposite of compression

What is equivalent to a crest and a trough in a longitudinal wave?

rarefaction is equivalent to trough and compression is equivalnet to crest

What is the crowding together of molecules called?

a compression wave is the crowding of molecules a rarefaction is spread apart molecules

Where does rarefaction occur?

Rarefaction occurs in sound waves where there in not compression.

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