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Liechtenstein is home to several different animal species. These include black grouses, marmots, deer, badgers, hazel grouses, stoats, and pheasants.

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Q: What type of wildlife is native to Liechtenstein?
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What types of wildlife are native to Liechtenstein?

Animals native to Liechtenstein include deers, chamois, black grouses, pheasants, hazel grouses, marmots, badgers, and stoats. Plants native to Liechtenstein include larches, maple trees, lime trees, ash trees and elm trees.

What type of money does Liechtenstein use?

They use the swiss franc in liechtenstein

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It is rich! :)

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What are some plants of Liechtenstein?

has a total of 1600 plant species, of which 800 are native to the mountains. Indeed, in Liechtenstein alone there are no fewer than 48 different types of orchid

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