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What type of wood is easiest to be cut?

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softwood is easiest to cut in a sawmill.

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Which type of wood is the easiest to re-stain?

Rough wood I am told.

What type of energy is used to cut a piece of wood?

Chemical and mechanical energy is used to cut a piece of wood.

What type of wood do you use to build a bird box?

Rough cut wood

What type of wood does a tenon saw cut?

any kind of wood. a tenon saw is simply a saw to cut tenons.

What type of saw do you use to cut wood with the grain?

A rip saw.

A mass of 350g is hung on the pece of wood how muck does the wood bend?

That is a very vague question. But some of it has to do with what type of wood you are using, how it was cut, and how long the wood is.

What is a hacksaw?

A type of saw used to cut through metal instead of wood.

What are the functions of the saw?

The function of a saw is to cut wood or metal, depending on the type of saw.

What is the cheapest easiest type of bridge to build?

The answer depends on how long and for what sort of traffic. For pedestrians, across a 1 metre gap, a plank of wood laid across the gap will be cheapest and easiest.

What type of energy is needed to cut a piece of wood into smaller pieces with a saw?

mechanical energy

What file has a swear word in its name?

A mill bastard is a type of wood file. +++ It's simply "bastard" as a mill-file, sometimes millenicut, is a different grade of cut. They are designed to cut metals rather than wood. Use a rasp on wood.

Is wood made from plants?

Wood is not made, it is grown. Wood is cut from the trunks of trees after they have been cut down.

How much wood could a woodchuck cut if a woodchuck could cut wood?

Answeras much as he wants

What is the function of the Makita mitre saw?

It is a type of dropsaw which cuts wood at a precise angle. It is a powertool that sits on a bench and you align the wood with the lines on the saw and you drop the handle down to cut the wood.

What wood is easy to cut and shape?

Balsa Wood

Is cerry wood a thin wood?

If you cut it that way.

What does a hacksaw cut?

they can cut plastics wood metal

Is a coping saw used to cut curves in wood?

Yes, a coping saw can cut curves in wood.

To saw wood with the grain?

It is said to not cut wood against the grain as an old wives' tale. The main reason that wood is cut with the grain is because it only needs to slightly touch the fibers of the wood to cut it, so it is easier.

What is a physical property of wood?

When you cut a piece of wood the wood in general is still there.

What is the best type of saw to use to cut wood that is 5 inches thick ?

I would recomend a table saw for that.

What type of wood is jinx wood?

I believe Jinx Wood is the same thing as - or very similar to - Balsawood. It is a very light weight, airy wood that is used by crafters and model builders. It is easy to cut and takes glue very well.

How are wood tables made?

you cut the wood and make it into your design

Is pine wood hard to cut?

No, pine is a soft wood.

How do you make a wood airplane that flies?

you cut the wood into a shape that looks like a streched out rain drop and then you cut it