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I'm not sure if what you are looking at is a worm per se. It sounds more like a caterpillar which is the larvae of either a butterfly or moth. Try looking up different types of caterpillars since they tend to be quite colorful and can have hairs that stand out on various areas of their segmented bodies. That sounds kind of like a wooly bear caterpillar to me. wooly bears are often black with redish fuzz and black fuzz. (3 stripes) They become Isabella moths.

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Q: What type of worm is black with reddish orange spikes on it back?
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Soft bodied black and orange bug with spikes on its back?

If it is parallel orange lines that are the spikes then it sounds like it is ladybird larvae.

What caterpillar is black with orange spots on its back and orange feet and black spikes?

A buck moth caterpillar has orange spots on its back, with orange feet and black spikes. The buck moth caterpillar is poisonous, causing rashes and nausea. Buck moth caterpillars inhabit oak forests.

What type of spider is black with orange on its back?

The black spider with reddish-orange on its back is a redback spider. These Australian spiders are members of the same family of spider as the black widow and have highly dangerous venom.

What caterpillar is black with white bits along the sides 2 orange spots on the back end and orange spikes?

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A woodlice shape with orange and black colouring with spikes on its back?

I saw one of these in my garden, it is a type on beetle pupa of some sort, red and black is the common colour but can also be seen in orange, yellow and white.

What caterpillar is fuzzy black on the ends and orange in the middle like a woolly worm but with black spots down the middle of its back and long white spikes of hair on the ends with the black?

a wooly bear caterpillar

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== == == == == ==

What kind of spider is black and white and has spikes on the back?


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The Orb Weaver is the spider with an orange back and black diamonds on its back. It is not aggressive and not venomous.

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After a research Arge ochropa is a wasp found to have an orange back and black body. However; orange and black honey bees are also seen.

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What bug has a black body and orange or brownish spot on it's back?

There are a number of bugs that have a black body and orange or brownish spot on it's back. This could be a spider.

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Are orange spiders poisonous?

No. While an orange spider might have a fairly painful bite, it's bite is not considered to be venomous or poisonous. Some shockingly common spiders with dangerous and poisonous bites are black widows (known by their reddish hourglass design on their back) or brown recluse spiders.

What dinosaur had spikes on its head and spikes on its back?

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Why do the painted lady caterpillars have spikes on its back?

Why do caterpillars have spikes

What is a small orange spider with yellow and black back and white and black legs?


What kind of spider that is orange with black spot on belly?

A spider that is mostly black with some orange on its belly and back is called a black widow. This design only applies to the female black widows.

What kind of spider is white on it's back with black spots and red spikes?

It is a spiny crab or jewel spider.....

What color is an oriole?

Orioles are orange and black. The breast of the oriole is a bright orange with hints of yellow, while the face, back, wings and tail are black

What kind of caterpillar is black and has a white stripe on its back and has orange fuzz around it?

The eastern tent caterpillar is the caterpillar that is black with a white stripe on its back with orange fuzz. These moths are common in North America.