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The skin is actually an organ system called the integumentary system. Like all organ systems, it contains more than one organ.

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Q: What type or organ system contains skin?
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What organ system is the epidermis?

Type your answer here... the skin .. integumentary

How do you know that skin is an organ rather than a tissue?

The skin is an organ by it's definition. Any structure that is composed of more than one type of cell working towards that same purpose is a tissue. Any structure that is a combination of more than one type of tissue is an organ. Since the skin contains blood vessels, nerves, and skin tissue, it fulfills the definition of an organ.

Is skin a tissue type?

Skin is an organ. It is not a tissue or tissue type.

How can the skin be apart of the excretory system?

Your skin is apart of the excretory system because your skin contains sweat glands which is one of the ways to release a type of waste which is basically what the excretory system is all about.

What type of organ does a leaf have?

the leaf is an organ! it is part of an organ system - the system of the plant.

What type of organ is the tongue?

The tongue is a muscular organ that has a role in the nervous system as a sensory organ (taste), and as an accessory organ of the digestive system.

The lungs are a major organ in what system?

Type your answer here... true , the major organ of the respiratory system is the lungs.

What organ or organ system is the platelets type a part of?

These are fragments of megakaryocytes found in the blood. They are part of the circulatory system.

What type of epithelium makes up human skin?

Human skin contains squamous epithelium.

What type of organ system does the nostrils belong to?

nostrils are not a organ but is part of nose. And nose is part of respiratory system. Its how you take in air:D

What type of membrane is also an organ system?

cutaneous membranecutaneous

Why are burns a particularly dangerous type of skin injury?

The skin is largest organ on a human body,and it is the only large organ in contact with the outside environment(of course non sterile-rife with pathogens).a burn to the skin will damage the protection we enjoy from the skin and expose our largest organ to infections of all kinds.

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