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Laminate would be better than real wood, or Engineered, prefinished

if you have to have real wood. In the presence of moisture Ceramic tile or Vinyl flooring would be a better choice than wood. but the heart wants what the heart wants.

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Q: What type wood floor recommended for utility room with washer and dryer?
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What are the benefits of a stacked washer and dryer over separate units?

A stacked washer-dryer unit save a lot of space. The unit is narrower than a conventional washing machine. By sitting the dryer on top of the washer, less floor space is needed, which is excellent for small spaces, like apartments and houses in which laundry space is at a premium.

Where can i find money around your house?

In the couch, on the stairs, in the washer/dryer, under a bed, dresser, on the floor, in a chair, in a vase, clothes pockets, in old purses

What is the max height of dryer plug from floor?

The maximum height of the dryer plug from the floor should be 1.5m.

LG Washer Dryer: Innovative Laundry Room Solution?

LG offers some of the most innovative laundry room appliances with its washer dryer combination. This is an all in one appliance that can wash and dry clothes. The most unique feature of this combo unit is the drying mechanism that does not require an external ventilation system found in traditional dryers. The LG washer and dryer combo saves plenty of floor space and it is a perfect alternative to the other space saving units such as the stacked washer/dryer. Besides conserving precious space, the LG laundry room combination appliance uses LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology, which means that it makes little noise.

What is the cost for a washer and dryer hookup installed?

The place you buy if from may do it for free, if new, or charge a small fee of $50-100.oo or less. If you hire a handy man that could vary. Both appliances come with directions how to hook up. The washer is easier than the dryer. You have a hot and cold line that connects from the washer to the spickets behind the washer, they are marked on the hoses. There is another hose that goes in the back of the washer that goes to the same spot that drains the water out on the spin cycle and a plug. On the dryer there is a plug and the vent hose that goes from the back of the dryer to the vent hole in the floor or wall. Takes less than an hour to do both. This is IF you have hook-ups already in place for a washer and dryer. If not, the costs are going to be a lot more significant. The cost depends on where you are putting the washer and dryer. If plumbing and electrical lines are close by it might run you about $400-500 for everything. (water lines to the washer, drain for the washer, electrical to the dryer and vent for dryer) However, it can be several hundred dollars more if you need to run plumbing and electrical lines significant distances (20 ft or more). To make it the cheapest possible, pick a location where water lines and an electrical box are less than 10 ft away. Also, if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money and might only spend $100-200 in materials.

What is DW in a floor plan?

DW in a kitchen floor plan means Dish Washer.

What does wd stand for on a floor plan?

Washing Machine & Dryer.

When you do laundry why does the floor drain start to come up with water from the washer?

The drain from the washer to the main line is getting plugged and the floor drain is easier. Drain cleaner in the floor drain should take care of it.

Why would there be a foul odor coming from under the bathroom sink as well as from the washer and dryer if the washer and dryer share a common wall with the bathroom?

It's not helpful to answer with a question but...what type of structure is the wall and floor made up of...A leaking pipe can cause serious odor due to mildew and other biological concerns, especially in a wood framed wall and floor system...Or...if you have a manufactured (mobile) home they are sometimes equipped with an "auto-vent" which is a mechanical device that is meant to allow air into your drainage system but not allow sewer gas to enter the dwelling...if it is working properly.

My washer and dryer are currently in my basement and I would like to install it on the main floor but don't know how to install the pipes for the drain to still go into the basement drain?

Without knowing the layout or type of drain pipe and location, it is impossible to give a good answer. Drill a hole in the floor and run the drain with PVC. Drains should fall 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch for every foot of distance. Horizontal distance. There may be a drain line that is closer to the first floor location that you can tap into. Washer drain does not need a vent, it gets it's venting around the washer hose.

When was the scooba invented?

Scooba, a robotic floor washer, was released in late 2005.

What is the height of the p-trap for a washer from floor?

15 cm to 30cm depth

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