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The Amish are famous for many crafts.?æ They build barns, homes, furniture, wagons, almost any woodcraft, raise many different animals.?æ The woman grown and bake many foods, and quilts. Many Amish make extra to sell.

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Where do the Amish live?

Most of the Amish live in southeast Pennsylvania, but there are areas in Canada and the Midwest that the Amish have settled in as well. The most famous region they live in is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

What are the three most famous handicrafts of the north eastern states of India?

Assam Arunachal pradesh Tripura

What is the most famous subculture in the US?

The Amish are the most well known subculture in the US. There are many different Amish groups in the US, and so they are found in many parts of the US. Also, the Cajuns in Louisiana.

Where is Amish most popular?

Amish is most popular in Lancaster/York, America

Pennsylvania most famous for?

The Amish and scrapple,Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross.

Where are the Amish in Colorado?

Primarily in the eastern plains. And most are Mennonites and not Amish.

What would the Amish most likely drive in?

The Amish will most likely drive a horse and buggies or even on bicycles. Only few Amish own cars.

Can a un-Amish be Amish?

Yes, but the Amish are reluctant and suspicious of most who say they want to be Amish. The person wanting to be Amish is usually placed with a family and takes part in the family routine.

Can Amish have swimming pools?

Yes most Amish are allowed to have swiming pools.

Do Amish practice pologamy?

No. The Amish, like most Christians, reject the practice of polygamy.

Which state has the most Amish?


What do Amish speak?

Most Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch. Almost all Amish can understand and speak English. In church the sermons are spoke in German.

Why don't the Amish live in the South?

There is a large community of Amish that live in the state of Kentucky. However, most Amish live in areas that are more temperate.

Do Amish people take showers?

Showers are uncommon in most Amish communities. Baths are preferred and they are usually only taken on a weekly basis. Most Amish people do not have hot running water in their homes.

Where is the most popular state of Amish?


Why don't the Amish brush their teeth?

Actually most Amish do brush their teeth. If they don't its just because they chose not to.

Are the Amish Quakers?

No. They are two different denominations. Most modern Quakers (members of the Society of Friends) do not dress 'plain' as the Amish do.

What are the most famous rocks and minerals?

some of the most famous rocks and minerals types are the 4 kings/ diamonds, saphire's , emeralds and ruby.

Where are Amish people from?

Most come from Switzerland or Germany.

Which country produces the most butter?

the Amish people

Do Amish use birth control?

Most Amish will not use any form of birth control. Others will use the rhythm method.

Do the Amish pull there teeth out?

Many parents are able to pull the deciduous teeth of a child. There's nothing particular about the Amish in this regard. Most Amish adults go to a licensed dentist when they need one.

Where did the Amish immigrants come from?

Most come from Switzerland or Germany.

Do most Amish people have blonde hair?

Strangely, yes.

Jewish and Amish settlers were most welcomed in what Middle Colonies?

they were most welcome in Delaware.

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