What types of Spiders are in Virginia?

The Black Widow and Brown Recluse are the only dangerous spiders in Virginia.

Spiders are annoying especially when you sleep in a basement! I can not say that I have seen a Black Widow in Virginia though.

  • Golden garden spiders have a rather flat head and a thorax region covered with whitish hair. They are black with yellow markings.
  • Large orb weavers are found about houses in the fall. Their legs are usually shorter and their bodies not as big as the golden garden spider.
  • Wolf spiders are usually large, hairy spiders that are not associated with webs. They look much worse than they are.
  • Jumping spiders do just that-jump! They are small, usually black with red or white markings, and are often found in windows. They rarely bite.
  • House spiders have "dirty" white and gray markings on their abdomen. They build complicated webs in corners, under tables, chairs, etc.
  • Sheet web spiders have a pair of dark bands across their yellowish head-thorax and abdomen region. They are common on shrubs and weeds around the house.