What types of arrow tips are there?

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3 basic types: target points, field tips and broadheads(for hunting). For small game hunting: blunt tips, judo points and bird snares.

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First, you will need to add feathers to the arrow shafts, then use the arrow tips on the feathered shaft, to make the arrow.

To make any type of arrow tips you need to have a hammer, 1 bar of your prefered metal for every 15 arrow tips you wish to make and an anvil to use the bar on. Once you use the bar on the anvil, just choose arrow tips from the menu that comes up.

Nock: The part which hooks onto the string. Fletching(s): The feathers or plastic pecies used to tell you how to nock (put the arrow on the string) the arrow. Shaft: The middle of the arrow. This is where yo screw the tip into. Tip: This is what will puncture the target. Some kinds of tips are practice tips and broadheads.

That would vary wildly upon the bow and the arrow. There are many different types of bow and probably a fair few different types of arrow.

The ancient Egyptians used copper for their arrow tips. They eventually changed to iron tips.

First, you'll have to add feathers to the arrow shafts before attaching arrow tips. Feathers of any specimen will do -- chickens, bird snared birds, etc.

You could be plucking the bow string, make sure to shoot with your finger tips only, remain still (arms, body and head)and release the string off the tips. Your arrow rest could be protruding to much, causing the arrow to richochet off it. Your arrow could be to thin for the poundage of the bow, causing it to warp on release. Make sure that you 'nock' the arrow properly. Your arrow might not be the right spline weight for your bow.

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you should Fletch the arrow shafts, then smith the arrow tips, then make them. It's great xp for smithing and fletching, AND ranging.

It depends on the metal type you can go from bronze which is about 30xp per group of arrow tips to rune which is about 160-300 xp

Archery, and some types of hunting.

Yes, but they can just rub their dart and arrow tips on the frog to get it applied.

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