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You can get standard insurance that is available to both men and women. However, as a woman, you are likely to pay less for it, especially if you meet certain criteria including age, experience and car choice.

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2012-03-19 21:04:45
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Q: What types of car insurance in Ohio is for women drivers?
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Does Ohio offer car insurance for women drivers?

Ohio does not strictly require drivers to purchase insurance, but does require all to begin looking at what companies offer Ohio car insurance that you qualify for. Middle-aged women, while the highest risk group is composed of single men

Does Ohio offer car insurance discounts to women and the handicapped?

Yes, Ohio does offer discounted price for car insurance for disabled and women drivers. This program is for its constituents to have an affordable insurance services and also to show its care and support to women and handicapped. For more information, just e-mail them or visit their government site.

Do they sell car insurance for drivers with dui in Ohio?

Car insurance is available to everyone, despite any past DUIs or any tickets. Ohio is no exception. Car insurance is a necessity.

Does State Farm offer Ohio car insurance for bad drivers?

Yes State Farm offers car insurance to all drivers but you will probably gate higher rates and no discounts.

Is motorcycle insurance required in Ohio?

I am a Insurance Agent in Ohio and yes insurance for a motorcycle is required in Ohio.

If I'm 16 do I have to take a drivers ed class to get my drivers license in Ohio?

No, but you should, it will lower your insurance alot...and weather you think so or not, it will make you a better driver.

What is the cheapest available car insurance for disabled drivers in Ohio?

Geico auto insurance and State farm insurance are both strongly recommended insurance policies for you. She will be in the best care with them and you wont have to worry about whether her life is in good hands or not.

Where can I get quotes for Ohio car insurance for drivers with DUI?

Inquire the local insurance companies and registered lawyers for quotes and policies regarding insuring registered DUI offenders. They will help you find out where you can obtain qualified insurance.

Which insurance company is best for new drivers in Ohio?

You can look at either fidelity or all state. I have experience with both companies and they both should suit any of your needs for your insurance. They are great.

Is there an Ohio Life Insurance Co?

There exists an Ohio National Life Insurance Company in Cinncinnati.

Simple Ideas for Finding Ohio Car Insurance for New Drivers?

The process of obtaining Ohio car insurance for new drivers involves a few steps. A good purchase on car insurance means that a person is paying a reasonable price for an adequate amount of coverage. The following looks at what is involved in obtaining Ohio car insurance for new drivers. First, in some instances, a new driver may be able to get a good deal on car insurance by taking driving courses from an accredited driver's education program. This type of program would be seen as one that offers new drivers a thorough education that includes all of the safety measures that drivers can take. In short, they would be well-prepared to travel safely on the roads. Also, a new driver who plans to drive a safe automobile of average value may get a deal on car insurance. A person should remember that starting out with a car insurance rate that seems high doesn't have to be a permanent circumstance. A new driver who establishes a safe driving record can qualify for a more reasonable rate of car insurance. Of course, it takes a little time for a safe driving record to be established. Many people looking for Ohio car insurance for new drivers make the wise decision of comparing rates online. A thorough check of insurance rates connected with the age, gender, etc. of the new driver can yield lots of choices for someone who takes a few extra minutes for research. Another way to find Ohio car insurance for new drivers is to check with the company that provides car insurance to other members of the family. For instance, parents can call their insurance agent to see about the cost of car insurance for a teenager who is in the process of taking the necessary driver education courses. A company that has been dealing with a family of drivers for awhile may offer a discount or incentive for signing another person up. Finally, the effort a person puts into finding Ohio car insurance for new drivers can result in considerable savings as well as a good relationship with a reputable insurance agency.

Which insurance companies are headquartered in Ohio?

There are 256 insurance companies based in the state of Ohio. These 256 companies include American Share Insurance, Westfield Insurance, and Progressive Insurance Corporation.

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