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all cells except for gametes.

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Q: What types of cell use mitosis to divide?
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What type of cell undergoes mitosis?

Mitosis is the form of cell division that most eukaryotic cells undergo. In humans, all somatic (non-sex) cells use mitosis to divide. Sex-cells use meiosis instead of mitosis.

What cell would use the process of mitosis?

Mitosis occurs in eukaryotic cells. Most animal and fungi cells divide by mitosis; except the gametes.

How many and which types of cells are produced from mitosis?

In mitosis two identical cells are produced. The cells that use mitosis are basically every other cell besides sex cells

How do you use mitosis in a sentence?

Mitosis is a noun:'The cell performed mitosis.'

These cells use mitosis to divide into two daughter cells?

Both plant and animal cells use mitosis to form two daughter cells. They are usually called soma (body) cells but there are some exceptions: nerve cells and liver cells. The liver cells can divide in the time of need.

Ho do your cells use mitosis for growing?

they divide

Can you use mitosis in a sentence?

Mitosis is the process in which the material from the cell nucleus divides.

What 2 cell division processes use DNA replication?

Two types of cell division in eukaryotes (nucleated organisms) are meiosis and mitosis. Meiosis halves the number of chromosomes and produces gametes. Mitosis retains the number of chromosomes and is involved in growth and repair of injury.

What do muticellul ar organisms use mitosis for?

Mitosis is cell division in eukaryotic cells. They use them to reproduce.

What two cell division process use DNA replication?

Mitosis and Meiosis

Cells use the process of mitosis to divide during asexual reproduction?


Do pigs use meiosis or mitosis?

Many organisms use mitosis and meiosis. Namely, all eukaryotes probably use mitosis and meiosis. Only bacteria (prokaryotes) would not divide by mitosis and have no mechanism for meiosis as their chromosomes differ from those of eukaryotes.But eukaryotes all have the capacity for mitosis and meiosis. Eukaryotes include all animals, plants, protists and fungi.Thus, since pigs are animals (and are thus eukaryotes), then indeed they have cells that divide by mitosis and meiosis. Their body cells (somatic cells) divide by mitosis (for growth and repair). Their gametes (sperm cells and ova) are produced by meiosis as these cells must be divided to a haploid form before copulation and fertilisation. Two haploid gametes would fuse (fertilisation) to restore the resulting cell (zygote) to a diploid form. The zygote grows into a new piglet via mitosis.