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There are three amin types of pedals:

  1. Platform(or flatties) pedals. The basic stuff, just a flat surface you put your foot on
  2. clipless pedals. Today meaning something along the line of Shimanos SPD-system, where you have a cleat screwed to the sole of your shoe which hooks onto a spring-loaded retainer in the pedal
  3. then there are the clip pedals. They look pretty much like a platform pedal, but with mounting holes for a basket and a foot strap. The basket prevents you foot from going too far forward and the strap keeps it locked down to the pedal. If you look really hard you can separate these into two different types; one meant to be used with regular shoes and looking pretty much like a flattie, and one meant to be used with special road cycling shoes and possibly even with a sprinting cleat screwed on to the sole. The latter one has a more open design with only a very simple metal framework to support the shoe and are horribly uncomfortable to ride with unless your shoe has a very stiff sole.

All of the above are available from several different suppliers, with some variations from one model to the other.

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There are basically three types of pedals available:

  1. platform(AKA flatties)
  2. clips pedals(AKA rat traps etc)
  3. clipless(AKA SPD)

The flatties are the probably the most common type, just a flat, non-slip surface about the size of a deck of cards that you put your foot on.

Then came the clips, old racing pedal, basically a flattie with a strap allowing the foot to be somewhat secured to the pedal while riding. Made riding a bit more efficient, but there was always a balancing act between strapping down hard enough to get the best benefit and maintaining comfort in your feet. Also, getting your foot out of the pedal could be an issue.

Enter the clipless/SPD pedals, although what we're really looking at is a system consisting of both shoe and pedal.

The pedal has spring-loaded connector, and there's a cleat screwed onto the sole of the shoe. When the foot is positioned correctly the cleat engages the connector in the pedal and the two are stuck together rather nicely. Has the foot retaining ability of the clipped system, but with greater comfort and easier disengagement. A slight twist and the shoe is released.

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Q: What types of clip pedals are there for bicycles?
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