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Unfortunately, exercise does not necessarily target specific areas for reduction in fat. Everyone's body is different and we store extra weight wherever our genetic makeup dictates. When I loose weight it comes off my face first and my belly stays big until I get down a few pounds. Situps or crunches help with bellies only because the muscles get toned and hold in the abdomen, but the fat still hangs around until one looses the weight. Weight loss in general is accomplished through diet and exercise. Low carb/high protein diets work well if someone is willing to work hard on their weight loss program. If one decides to go low carb, be careful with mammal meats. Limit beef, pork, lamb but take in as much fish and fowl as you want and make sure that you get enough fiber in the form of fruits and veggies. Then work-out. Use the largest muscle group possible to get the most cardio exercise that you can. In general that will mean running, cycling, stair-machine or actuall running stairs or whatever you can do to work up a serious sweat for an extended period using your legs. If you'll do such exercise for at least one hour every day and as much as two hours, you'll loose weight and look great. A little weight training of other muscle groups is good to help overall body tone and appearance.

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Q: What types of exercises help you lose weight in the thigh area?
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Is calisthenics exercises better than weight training exercises?

Depends if you are focusing on a certain area of the body

How can you lose fat from the back side of your thigh?

There are different ways through which you can lose fat from the back side of your thigh. You can use exercises that target the thigh area like swimming, squats, jogging, skipping and so much more.

How Do I Lose Weight In My Stomach Area?

Loosing weight can be a very difficult process for many people. To loose weight in any given area the best thing to do is to focus on exercises that work on just that body part. For the stomach that would be a series of abdominal exercises.

How do you lose weight in you upper arms?

There is no way to lose weight in a specific area of the body. You can build muscle and tone your upper arms with weight training exercises.

What exercises would tone the thigh muscle?

There is no such thing as "toning". To make the muscle stand out more or appear more "toned", body fat must be reduced. That is achieved through a combination of diet and exercise. It isn't possible to reduce fat in a particular area of the body, so you have to lose fat everywhere. The largest muscle groups in the thigh are the quadriceps (the large muscle in the front of the thigh) and the hamstrings (in the back of the thigh). Any exercise that straightens the knee works the quads, and exercises that bend the knee or straighten the hips by pivoting your pelvis will work the hamstrings. Those exercises used as part of a diet and exercise program will increase the size and strength of those muscles. Some exercises that work those muscles include squats, dead-lifts, lunges, leg extensions, leg presses, leg curls and variations of those exercises.

How do you reduce men breast size?

When you lose weight, weight will naturally be lost in the breast area, however many men struggle to lose weight in that particular area so these men often try to change the fatty tissue into muscle, focussing on weight bearing exercises that tone that area.

What exercises could help me lose weight around my waist?

All types of exercise will help with weight loss. Targeting one area of the body is difficult. Walking and jogging are low impact forms of exercise that can be done most anywhere and will help burn calories.

What muscle is the thigh located in?

Thigh is not a muscle it's an area which consist of Muscles

what are good body weight workouts?

There are many body weight workouts specific for target areas. If you need to lose weight in a specific area there are exercises for it. Running is good for your entire body.

You have very small shoulders how to increase it?

There are some weight lifting exercises you can do. If you go to a gym you're likely to find a helpfyl anatomical chart telling you which exercises to do to target a certain area.

Where is your femoral artery located?

Upper leg, the thigh area. Where your femor is located Upper leg, the thigh area. Where your femor is locatedOne place you look for the femoral artery is in the thigh.

How to know if I have thunder thighs?

If you have thunder thighs, you may be a bit thicker in the thigh area. You may not be proportionate for your weight or you may be a bit overweight and carry some of the extra weight in your thighs.

What are the best exercises to do to lose weight around the stomach hips and under arm area?

you can lose weight when you jog,leg-ups,push-ups,excercise like this is one of the best excercise.

What type of graft is often taken from the upper thigh?

The fascia lata graft is taken from the mid-upper thigh area.

How would you use thigh in a sentence?

In human anatomy, the thigh is the area of the lower extremity between the knee and the pelvis.

What are some aerobic exercises that can help me lose fat around the stomach?

The fact is almost any excersise you do will make you loose weight on your entire body. You cannot target a certain area of your body when loosing weight.

What exercises will tone your abs?

Some exercises that will tone exercises are crunches and yoga exercises. The lung may be a good thing to try. Push ups will help make the area tighter.

How can you gain weight especially in your butt and thigh area?

You can't gain weight only in certain areas of your body. However, weight training can help to build up these areas. For example, to increase muscle mass in your butt and thighs, you would need to do squats and lunges. ~ T

What do you call the area where thigh bone joins?

pelvic region

What is the area between the abdomen and upper thigh called?

The groin

What does thigh mean?

It's the area of the leg, above the knee.

Do yoga ball exercises really tighten your abdominal area?

Yes, yoga ball exercises that are specifically designed to tighten your abdominal muscles can tighten your abdominal area. As with all exercises consistency will provide better results.

Need suggest for some facial exercises to loose fat from your face.?

You cannot target weight lossat a particular area of your body. That is considered "spot weight loss". The correct process to undertake would be to lose weight in general.

What exercises can you do to improve your vision?

It sounds like you are talking about vision therapy. The only problem is that without a thorough evaluation, I can't really tell you what types of exercises would help you personally. Seek advice from an optometrist who specializes in vision therapy in your area.

Can you get gout in your thigh?

Yes. Absolutely no. It is impossible to get gout in your thigh. Gout is an accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints. Your thigh is the area between your hip and knee and is not a joint there fore it can not get gout.