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There are a few fruits dogs can eat, all of which are good for them. Many enjoy apples, although these should be cored as the seeds contain arsenic. Citrus is no good, nor are tomatoes. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, bananas, apricots, cranberries are all great for them and work especially well stuffed inside a Kong toy! Grapes, however; are highly toxic and can cause, among other things, kidney failure in both dogs and cats.

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Great advice.... Did not know about Grapes

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Q: What types of fruits can dogs eat?
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Can dogs eat any fruits?

Is it safe for dogs and puppies to eat some fruit. My puppy likes to eat apples and pears. I know that grapes are supposed to be toxic to dogs,but other fruits safe.

What fruits are not good for dogs to eat?


What fruit can dogs eat?

There are several fruits that dogs can eat. You should remove any parts of the fruit that are not edible. Some of the fruits dogs can eat include pineapple, apple, watermelon, strawberries, banana, and oranges.

Can dogs eat fig fruits?

yes, it is no problem.

Fruits that dogs can eat?

Dogs can eat fruits, but it is not healthy. NEVER feed your dog grapes they are poisonous to dogs. Of course feeding your dog human food is obviously not healthy.

What types of Caribbean fruits can dogs eat?

i live in Jamaica and i know dogs to eat, oranges, apples, bananas, as long as its texture is something they can pick up with their mouth, the list is endless, they rather sweet fruit though

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Are vegables good for dogs?

Yes dogs can eat fruits and veggies the only ones they can't eat are Grapes and Onions they can eat any other fruits or veggies but beware some will make them gassie

What fruits do dogs eat?

Apples are fine. Don't ever use grapes for dogs.

Can dogs eat any melon types of fruits?

Only in small amounts - as an occasional treat. Dogs are meat-eaters - not vegetarians. too much fruit will upset their digestive system.

Can dogs eat magoes?

Dogs dont eat fruits or vegetables. You should stick to the normal diet of your dog, which might be meat or other types of food that are related to meat. DO Not feed Mangos or anything related to Mangoes. -Cooloocooloo100

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What types of dogs did Chinese people eat?

brown dogs

What fruits do sloths eat?

sloths eat berries, and other types of fruit.

What fruits are safe for dogs to eat?

poison, termites, bahamas, and people

Do possums eat dogs?

No. Not at all. The only meat they eat are insects, but they prefer vegetation and fruits.

Should dogs eat meat?

Yes, dogs should eat meat. But mostly cooked meat. They should eat other stuff to, like fruits and vegetables.

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Fruits Veggies Meat.Etc

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There was lots of types of fruit they ate

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What fruits can a dog eat?

Dogs can be fed almost all fruits in small amounts. Apples, bananas, blueberries, grapes, raspberries, oranges and pears are just a few of the fruits your dog can eat.

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Can a dog eat blue berries?

yes they can but most dogs dont eat fruits and berries but some do :)

Are dogs and cats only carnivores?

Yes, but dogs can eat some vegetables and fruits. My dog loves to melons.

What do monkeys eat in a rain forest?

Normally, they eat fruits, like mango or bananas, and another types of tropical fruits, but some kinds eat meat too.