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The three types in information system are used to by companies on benefits do they provide

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Q: What types of information system are used by companies that operate internationally?
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What ways can informal information system assist the formal information system to operate?

Dependant on people

What is System of measurement used internationally?

Metric system. :)

What are the disadvantages of accounting information system?

To many companies rely on accounting information systems because they are so prevalent. If the system fails, the business would be at a loss for information.

Percentage of use of information system by the top 100 companies?

Four Percent

How peer to peer model operates?

It operate by each member group logging in to the system to get the information he/her is looking for.

What companies make use of the ePass system?

There are many different companies that probably use this system, but there is no real way of knowing. This information is probably classified and won't be released.

What is an Information System and how does it differ from an Information Technology?

A "System" is a set of interdependent products, services, tools, technologies, data, people, processes and roles and responsibilities that work together to solve a given problem.An "Information System" is, therefore a System that focuses on working specifically with data and information.Therefore, an "Information Technology" is component that is a dependency of an Information System and that is specifically used to help create, operate or support the Information System.

What are the name of companies that uses MIS in their work?

company that use management information system

Why is it said that the components of all information systems are interdependent?

all the components of an information system are interdependent because they all rely on each other to operate

What is system manual?

A manual system is one you have to operate by hand.

Is a metric system know as international system of units?

Yes, it is internationally used.

What methods so engineers use to communicate an object's dimensional information?

Engineers, even in the US, use the SI units of measurement. It is an internationally agreed system.

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