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What types of jobs did women do in World War I?

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in World War 1 women were nusres and they made ammunition for the men

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Women that were in World War 2 did not fight in the war. The women did many of the other types of jobs such as being nurses and driving vehicles.

They did the jobs that the soldiers ould not do because they were in the war.

A lot of women took jobs in factories, making planes and other war materials. Most of the jobs that were occupied by men before the war were filled by women. This was the beginning of the "revolution" of women into the workforce.

Jewish women didn't have jobs because they were in concentration camps.

Many women worked in factories building small thing for the war.

During World War 1 some of the women's jobs were nursing, helping around stations and so many people were needed that women even got jobs driving an ambulance from station to station, and some of their uniforms included them wearing pants, which was very rare in those days.

The roles BEFORE World War II were being a housewife & during World War II women took over factories and other jobs. that's why women have jobs now. Before World War II they didn't work outside of the house.

Because millions of the men who normally did those jobs were in the Army and Navy.

They did the man's jobs while they were at war. Lots of women also contributed to the war effort by taking factory jobs and producing war machines

During world war 2, there were about 25 % to 30 % of women who worked outside the house at paying jobs. More married women, more mothers, and more minority women found jobs than had before the war.

Many women lost their jobs after the world wars, but I believe it was about 80,000 women. They had to give up their jobs for the men and return to being house wives.

It gave them more jobs

In the war two things that women did were farmers and worked in large factories.

Many of them lost their jobs when the war ended, because many men returned to the jobs which they had left behind.

because pretty much all the men that were able joined the war causeing the women to take over there jobs and that is why many women have jobs today

I don't know very much, but I do know that as women did a lot of men's jobs during the second world war, after the war was over, women still kept up some of their jobs.

In World War I, as men left their jobs to fight overseas, women had know chose but to replace them.

Because the men were all in the army fighting and women had to step in to do what the men were doing.

No, women did not keep their jobs after the war had ended

Women and black men did many jobs during the war that had previously been done only by white men. After the war, some were able to keep their new jobs, and many were not.

Although they were not considered socially-acceptable jobs for women, an exception was made for wartime hires. The able-bodied men were off fighting in the war, and the women were the ones left who could fill the jobs.

They took over the menโ€™s jobs why they were at war

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