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Pahoehoe lava comes out of the Kilauea volcano. Hope I helped.

But hey, do you know any other volcanoes that spew pahoehoe? Need help on homework. Answer it!

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Is the volcano kilauea mafic or felsic?

Kilauea erupts mafic lava.

How was kilauea volcano formed?

it was formed by molten lava from the valcano around it and by plates it erupts every 1 min

What is the silica content of kilauea?

Kilauea erupts low-silica lava.

Is kilauea high in silica?

No. Kilauea erupts low-silica lava.

What comes out of a volcano when it erupts?

what comes out of a volcano is lava.

What does lava erupts through?

If you mean 'how does lava release itself from the volcano', it erupts through the volcano's crater. But if you mean 'how does lava erupt from the volcano', then sorry, I have no answers to that.

What types of volcanic rock fragments or lava come out of the volcano kilauea?

Kilauea generally produces lava flows and lava fountains. Its current activity has also involved the formation of lava lakes. All of the lava involved is basaltic.

How is the land around Kilauea affected?

The land around kilauea is affected because when the volcano erupts they would problaby be no time to evacuate the people of the comunity and also the ocea would be affected by lava.

What is kilauea made of?

Kilauea is made up of lava flows. Lava pours out of the volcano in thin sheets, building up the volcano over time.

What comes out of a volcano other than lava when it erupts?

Other than lava, what comes out of a volcano?

What surrounds kilauea?

Kilauea volcano is surrounded by land and completely by its black lava.

When a volcano erupts what pours out?

The stuff that pours out of a volcano is called lava.

Is red hot lava from a volcano a source of light?

yes it is as the lava can produce light when the volcano erupts

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